05 September 2012

Economic Entropy

Economic Entropy

There is a need for a conservative.org  candidate. Those to heed this message remember, not making allies is making the other. By the by, this is a redressing of revolutionary sentiment and the sane requirements of revolutionaries seeking independence through codependence, who do not want the offensive wars of “the right” or the defensive wars of “the left”. For these who comprise an army of miscommunication, this is a submission to the ignorance of humanity, the complacent students and desultory leaders, here presents a manuscript for the conscripts of anarchy and the patrons of morality. 

      Jobs: The idle mind is the devil's playground.

1.       Joblessness is the cause of poverty; employment is the source of wealth. People who claim the able are providers, only the imaginative would get to rest. There must be no rest for the wicked.
I.                    A person can only be poor when they become useless or without employment, as do entire nations fall to squalor when it does not utilize ingenuity and tolerates socioeconomics that impede an individual’s allies who are competent to work to thrive independently.

2.       A thief creates fiends, a job provides new capital.
I.                    An economist will persist with claims that work desists when an economy suffers, but the opposite is true, the unemployed detract society with unproductive abuse of an economy. Workers contribute to commerce which increases national economic schemata, thus an increase to the value of labor.

3.       The dole burdens an economy, job creation stimulates an economy.
I.                    Decreases in labor create decreases in production, demand and price increase as less can be consumed, the result is starvation, penury, and cuts to wages.
II.                  Fewer workers are fewer taxpayers, the same tax revenue for a growing population who bear the brunt of the burden, therein penalizing tax increases.
III.                Lessening investment and increased taxation forces summarily all forms of credit into bankruptcy, thus an increase in joblessness.
IV.                The unemployed turn to the dole at the expense of the community, which shifts capital at the republic’s expense, therefore collapsing public finance intended to invest in productive society, notwithstanding additional taxation.
V.                  Contributions through income taxes and budget surpluses decrease for the dole fund, at the same time poverty forces more to depend on the republic’s social services. This results in the implosion of the unemployment insurance system, despite raises in the amount given to each individual receiving the dole and cutting of benefits and programs.
VI.                Enterprise collapses from increased burdens, private lenders become bankrupt as independent people are impoverished, and capital agencies are rebated as their disestablishment devastates the upper branches of society, phenomenal amounts of capital are diverted from economies to commerce concerns that have no consumers.
VII.              Austerity becomes feckless at best, soon joblessness, penury, debt, deficits, all increase. Pariahs are caste and watch their economy become futile so long as they are without total change. Only a coherent body of ideas of job creation can bring that change.
VIII.            If commodity is no longer wasted and instead used to create jobs, labor will no longer be wasted. When used productively it results in improvements everywhere; increase of general productivity, wealth, tax reduction, and the advancement of the economy.
IX.                Resources waste when succumbing to the apathetic of the times, this system causes the formation of new wealth, capitalism ensures that wealth belongs solely to those who create prosperity through work and rites of passage.

4.       Workers cannot be satisfied by the dole, are not idle, and demand a capitalist economy.
I.                    Abiding joblessness signifies a fascist deprivation of rights for free and welcome citizens of democracy, robbed of the freedom to earn a living by their ability, forced to rely on pathetic social services that are continually defunded by anticapitalist economics. Free people do not wish nor want to sell their souls; they do not need to sell their right to life. The brave are at the battlefront for the rights of the few, the first to be free and demand freedom, and to have proposed a job creation program.