22 August 2012


In the darkest place imaginable
Darker than the caves that meet the water
An endless vast trackless blue insane
Surreal table of shifting broken glass
Prism of prisons kept behind the snow of terrible winter
Cold stillness of space where the stars glow
Fire of consciousness littering the highways of the mind
Impenetrable thought blocked by the memories of nothingness
Sparse retrograde fields of political denial and superstitious inactivity
Regal sounds of war that predicate the resentment of restructure
Diamonds shaken to the surface of the dying sands
Moments of hourglasses and broken watches
Filtering the sunlight to track time

Radiant blissfulness of incoherent obedience
Within the fortress of solitude

Resentment of youth in comely heathens
Games of pagans in shattering shadows
Salubrious malfunctions of tattered chivalry and dead poets
Sages and wages of free thought combined
With slumber of the nine worlds that fell
To the autumn of august aggression

Sounds of war drums in nursery songs heartfelt
To bring rapture to curiosity but settle the myths of misfortune
Accelerated hearts in winter and the tired predators
Little trolls in the shameful haste and the whispers on the wind.

Comeuppance tuppences in wherewithal
As the fires in the eyes of children

Elders of a sacred place to call become the order
Message of listless hope relays the inundated presupposition
Wires that hold the varying clouds are
The boundaries of particles themselves

Doors of perception open to closed riddles 
Places of labyrinth are sifted in a game
As a predator sleeps well before dying
With the best light the sight of refuge
Society of Midgard carves itself
To feed time and fighting in blasphemy condemns creation
Politicians seek protection in ways that make war
Warriors unanswered go unasked
The tired tempest of time takes bribes. 

All of this wrests where the battle holds the lines
Grouping holds evolution
Protectors forsake freedom for those who do not care to ask its purpose
Sun falls on a sunset and is rising across the same plane
Summers are in harvest and the winters are insane
Lies remain insane and destruction goes unpunished
Where the light of day is mercy and the light of folly fowl
Worthless are the mightier of magic
And the tiny days fall into forgotten time
Imagination reaches life and action takes direction

Fate and destiny are not the same
Intrigue is the howling of the truth. 

The harmony of duality seeks refuge in the presence of the weak
Conflict creates fighters and as much we all shall know
Petty flowers are liars pushing six feet deep
Terrible sounds of pleasure are the missions
Of the obedient and the faithless cannot understand themselve

Memory is the tragedy of the dead lashing at the poor
From their symbolic graves

Abandoned keep company with a familiar song
And the harlots forsake them with hope. 

Carried by the wind I wait passed the world tree
Lies of charlatans and their prepaid free
River of the war that flows over the world from a higher one
Crier of the river that weeps their woes alone
Bells of mountains and the fires of the land
Circus of lights that build the sacrament in which bathes the sun
Tired ancient creature from which we all were one
Cesspool where the ancients survived for eons
Below the noxious firmament of sulfur and lye

Holy ghost unknowing and the ones who too soon said farewell
Sporting elements of tortured hell desperate
To create friction and therefore heat

Predators of demons who mete their feast
Passed wavering grains of Folkvangr to Valhalla.