21 November 2011

Salt the Graves

The Book of Earth
1- Salt the Graves

All this sight that I’ve carried
Verdict let us out
Dead and blurry inside
Tonight it ends, we are close, my life
Now know this that is haunting, my realm
Deny the ends, later washed away, roses mine
Again I slay, a drip of blood
Now waiting turn of fear, should light lose
The sign has, collapses, enter dark now
Enter soldier, grown to within
I hunt, psycho man
I’m from, sin beside you
My last deafened ear, and together sigh
A dirge from the land below us
Lock is wound, with your tears
By a tribe, losers amass
So men at wars, deep fires of fear
Wishing amputate
Burn my lies, all those my sorrow erase
Again a slave, I dream of here
The waiting, shards of fear, should not mourn
The sickness, collapses, enter dark now
Enter rose hue, rotting within
I march, side of man
I reign, stand beside you
For this deceive you, bound to underside
Lies cold