21 November 2011

Ghost of the Sun

The Book of Earth
8. Ghost of the Sun

Life and death before dawn in the dark night, was of task the shadow king, the world was what it seems to be in light, unknown to him what seeing is, for  seeing is a gift under the sun, and from the coal four kinds of stone, hatred for the world for the smell of smoke, so coy and tryst within the mist, amenities of life often were had, to pace the days with shade of lies, other ones who follow are just as lost, libraries of futures extend, where the world will fall with kingdoms complete, and tragedy will speak to trees, the numbers of the soils of worlds are nine, combined to one a war exhumes, always is the lust for light imperfect, to wage a dream above the sky, but where it seems the dangers owe their life, a dark abode abides by none, a terror in the night is soon concealed, of king and wraith and even war, without the light the darkness always roams, an ill desire to see the fire, when matters of the darkness to combine, another sets the trail of death, however there is hail upon the frost, the gods are blind behind their eyes, just as angry mirrors of the soul, crawling over broken shadows, the carrion of time is all but black, existence lives and grows complete, nothing exists without eternity, the evidence in outer space, the shadow lord is blind for all of time, without the light you could not know.