03 November 2011


Communism is not the place of safety that teen angst thinks it is, its fascism creates ghettos, its autocracy creates slavery, and its inhumanity creates suffering. Simply put, communism kills all who do not turn to evil for their survival. Pure evil.

The only applicants to communism are the tripe and diatribe that cannot ween, whether it be freedom from the womb or warden, they fear liberty. The famous quote resurfaced is, "all power to the communes" for all it's isolationist worth, because the are nested and suckling adolescents despite their age. The practice of which is hedonistic and feudal (viral), imagine a policy of desire consuming naturalism, if it cannot consume any host the regiment must punish the standard of living to evade persecution, it will consume itself. The story old as time told thru the generations desperate for power that they cannot have nor wield has been the claims of order in the darkness. Dystopian government will choose your occupation, you cannot be what ever you want to be, from an early age your fate is determined by the state and never altered, for the name of progress you will never study again, whether you can or are more skilled to do other things, and your complaints against the state will be met with first compelling interrogation, then torture, and if the latter, likely death.

Mandated consumption and legislative socialism are blights on society, parasitic, and promotes fiendish mental disorder, without the competition of the free market industrial and commercial innovation dies, creativity suffers in a society that punishes success and celebration by limiting practices or taxing luxury. The communists who hate money take it from you, the wage slavery and racist inequalities beset by trivialities begin, work becomes doldrums as accomplishment is not appreciated or reimbursed, patriotism becomes stitched on your pillow in the shape of your slave tools, and then you die.

In the past to appease bureaucracy and the disillusioned, communist federations have starved entire countries, in others we see cannibalism, communism throughout history has never worked, because it means starvation. I cant say forever, but civility is a fine substitution for it, if you don't like capitalism.

As a civilian, realize that we are not living on an overpopulated planet, desalination factories will provide new land of the two-thirds of surface water in the later years, some places are dense, but so are the people. If the brood kills themselves, the gods will laugh and recommence. The environment is our only warden, recycle everything, clear bottles can be made from food refuse, all plastic can be recycled despite the rumors and apathy, try to remain descent guests and remember plants thrive on carbon, the toxins are what kills plants and animals. Foreign relations can't get any worse with people who are trying to kill you, war isn't any different. Outside and beyond politics the freedom of choice is essential, the innate flaw of a small portion of communists hoping to be elite and better than other intellectuals, wars are fought and lost by those who will never see the benefits of slavery.

Starvation in capitalism comes from alternative decisions morally unconscionable, the insane and the addicts roam unattended because bureaucracy is merely waiting for the support or the disappearance by suitable unknown causes. As communism subsidizes failure it creates unattainable necessities in education, housing, and health, that eventually not even a soldier's salary can compensate to afford. Wherein communism opens the door to democracy when the world is a cesspool, socialism turns success into an unhealthy addiction and consumerism prevents escape.

A life is lived free, the time is not. From this nothing in life is free, the things we find to be free are our vices, our devotion is emotion which despotism kills. In the oeuvre of archetype is emotion to which anger is a byproduct, it cannot be wielded, use logic, live long and prosper. To err is human, to error is anybody's guess.

Early forms of communism and agents provocateur begin with the bribery, they tell you that communism has never been accomplished because of flawed participants and lack of funding, pyramid schemes or investment scams, that need one more servant or one more supplier, a flawed system seeking another victim, when in fact it has been done, the structure of colony supplants the metaphor, drones worked until death, slower and stupider battlers, and a monarch, this is the ant colony of theocracy. The common misconception is wage disparity instead of wealth despair, what we cannot do ourselves we teach the future so that society may flourish, these conservative principles can be combative, but the betterment of society thrives while the dogmatic complex of droning decimates acuity each generation.

Competition aids development until unappreciated, in communism there is no individual thus there shall never be a winner, only exploitation and thieves. Without experience individuality suffers great loses to envy which creates further propagation of constitutional socialism and fascism. Distinguishable ethics are replaced by the self segregated anarchists who cause class warfare, or political destitution and moral depravity as a result of psychosomatic abandonment, which is better known/identified as isolation paranoia. As the liberal wants socializing and community it is easy to be fooled by despotism with familiar names, similar to when a democratic strategist is part of an event solely for the benefit of democrats. By definition a democratic strategist asks what the topic is from all parties involved, like a conscientious drone, because adjective can't be the noun, or perhaps inventory from the many voices in their heads.

Misery loves company and communism has plenty of it, the belief that competition creates adversaries is, cynical, spiteful, and not that of a conservative teacher. The other end of the spectrum provides liberal teachers, which are the equivalent to the passing advertisements of commercialism. Liberalism is good for the arts if you consider the many artists who painted those signs, who themselves are outdated by information en masse. Possessions are fleeting, in nature and by nurture, beasts cannot horde fortune or leave wealth in a will, it is the entrepreneur that has stolen it's prey or grazed its plant life but it is their ability, wisdom, logic, and actions that they possess.

Until ignorance is educated schools of thought will remain cesspools of failure, as elitists fight industrialism turmoil builds, poor become scapegoats for communism, and the successful are vilified for injustices that only anarchists create but also ignore, because if hell can be given clemency the devil gets a free ride.