03 November 2011


Radical Muslims Demand DOJ Make Criticizing Islam a Crime « The Foxhole

1. fuck
2. you
3. islam is for fags, who eat shit, then swim in their own shit, while dreaming of swimming in steamier shit.
4. pigs are better than muslims
6. allah is the arabic word for god, which one i don't know yet
7. all terrorists go to hell, or if you like, you can go to hell.
8. satan told me that "the west" is "a generalization, but not the great satan" and "what the fuck, what am i chop liver?"
9. muslim women who wear burkas are really men, or they just look like men
10. the koran is plaigarism of sun tsu's Art of War, and is a great way to wipe your ass
11. people will stop killing terrorists when they quit acting like terrorists, all muslims are terrorists
12. not everything written is true
13. the people who practice islam share a brain
14. pork is a delicious appetizer when drinking blood from a skull
15. halloween is new year's eve, AND april fools day is new year's day
16. the kaaba cube is an ancient hindu temple
17. mecca is full of filthy whores
18. mecca is also a bacon store in the valley of the shadow of death-ville
19. virgins don't go to heaven, they get a do over.
20. debauchery and nudity is funner than polo with a goat's head
22. god is the english word for your god, dont tell me how to speak my language, like many english words it's sorta on the nose.
23. for freedom, and common law i will die a thousand times to end slavery.
24. radical islam looks a lot like communism, but so does communism
25. on my things-to-do-list, none of them are walk to the desert, do you call it holey because the water left?
26. i will not take a prostrate exam five times a day!
27. i read your holy book of war poems and hate crimes and i refuse to believe you invented Moses.
28. if or when i'm reincarnated, i'll be promoted to what the queen demands or demoted to be an inbred desert rat.
29. opinions are like assholes, puritans smell like shit
30. jesus is in a Mexican cartel, and mohamed drives him around in a cab
31. if you hate me, i want you to tell me, i implore you not be senile, because i hate religiosity
32. the muslims were first to call me Caucasian, but i think North has a better sound to it.
33. did you know infidel in English means 'one who eats cooked pork then dedicates on a muslim grave'?
34. defeating "western imperialism" with islamic imperialism is hypocritical irony.
35. when you close your refrigerator door, a pig fucks your hummus.
36. I just got back from hell, hitler still thinks you're a jew
37. when your country bans heavy metal music, you have shit for brains.
38. for every muslim in the world, there are two homosexual muslims butt fucking.
39. you can run, but you can't hide
40. religious freedom includes atheism (no i don't want anymore pamphlets!)
41. everyone should commit apostasy when they wake in the morning
43. during sodomy, people think your mom, fucking a pig in a mosque
44. anti-capitalist information is the motivation for sweaty-butt-sex
45. people draw pictures of Muhammad all the time, you just can't see them!
46. if you're reading this, there's a 50/50 chance you're an infidel to logic
47. no one in all of time and space has ever used "islam" as slang for anything good
48. islam is however another word for shitting in a dirty hole, not to be confuse with islam's sexually repressed 'culture'
49. i once ate a pig while it was still alive, the conversation was thrilling
50. mtv doesn't play good music anymore(#headbangersball), even if your country's name is after the letters
51. the entire world just had a vote, we're no longer taking sex slaves from muslim countries.
52. if you marry more than one woman, there's a big chance your not heterosexual.
53. foreign words are considerate, foreign accents get annoying, mooks
54. when the gods have dinner, muhammed gets the golden shower
55. religious naivety is not a cure for cruelty, islam blinds you with truth that is a lie
56. i just remembered reading your unholy book, you didn't invent the mountains
57. bacon, ham, sausage, pizza trinity
58. if you're pretty enough, you can have sex in public
59. rock'n'roll will save your soul
60. arab music is modest, but the rest of the world uses instruments
61. (general rule) enslaving people to drugs is wrong.
62. "the jews" are not the enemy, the bad ones are, and besides, hitler is so passe, you can ask him later.
63. if your religion is The Order of Special Hats ; Americans are always going to laugh at you
64. when vampires go to a muslim bloodbank, they ask for their money back
65. islam is autocracy
66. is Mecca copyrighted, or can i open one in phoenix on route 66?
67. if you don't look under the burka, you might be fucking a muslim man
68. jesus had superpowers, muhammed was a shitty poet,
69. if you believe everything you read, YOU SUCK
70. the devil sold his soul for rocknroll, muslims do it to fuck their sisters
71. satan is muslim
72. generalizations aren't accurate, unless you say that you're better than every muslim
73. if muslims invented the world, why did they invent the west?
74. muslims haven't discovered dignity
75. i know nothing about the muslim world, but in pictures it always looks like the valley of the shadow of death
76. the arab world is an arid one, ironic how their women are so frigid toward the men that they have to trap them in quantities.
77. women are smarter than men