10 October 2010

New Sorrow

Feudal aspirations of Asia, the language wars of Europe, the tribal wars of Africa and the American frontier, and the world wars, as a race to our acclaim was the murder of vital and innocent people, this has only lessened as it is how less beneficial to us now as it conflicts with our caprice, we can be saved. We can lead this army home with the proper incentive. We are a composite water society, and have been since the advent of paper until its digital demise, water is a beginning to life and its consumption will reveal the great valleys of the salt-water abyss. Reason begets truth, such is humanity, but truth defeats reason, you can preach that communism is superior, or your monomaniacal plan is what is best had for all, but when it comes to tax, the truth will set you free for whatever picture you've painted sell your lies somewhere else, or get a bigger bag. Leeches only show if you have blood to give, partisan politics is not fundamental to patriotism because sectarian ideals do not progress make. Trust no false messiah that calls for revolution, it is a shame that greed and religion and war has set us back countless years, killing for wealth in the name of faith to best our own egos, murdering the innocent wise leaders, with sound mind and solemn body to replace them with darkness and anxiety. The great names are gone and used for subterfuge with names of audacity. Why am I to overlook one politician to choose another in partisan politics? I'll write my own name on the ballot and hope I’m the last one standing, an American, not a partisan lie, if shrinks are quack, why are politicians so important, trusting both of two sides is conspiracy to insanity, and is the very reason children leave the nest. Preside over the foolish, your politicians will either leave you or conspire against you, as any other who cannot tell you their loyalties to your country. Some people do not say the pledge of allegiance, as if this is not their country, it is their choice, but know that it is better to serve your country than to serve the weak, because our country for all intensive purposes protects the weak, not pulling them. In the beginning was the word but now we have the faith, I want to tell you as much about religion without ever mentioning religion only our goodwill, charity and blessings all of these so that you may miss heroes and become creative, with merit and care for the future of every face on earth.