10 October 2010


I don’t pay taxes so teachers can tell kids what I believe or what they want to teach and especially not what the living believe, I want students learning the truth and making their own decisions, if I wanted them to know what we think, they'd stay home. I want them to learn what works of history by empires that survive not pirates and criminals, by proven science and not emotional categories. Teachers barely teaching essentials between the chaoses (if at all) because society needs them to instill its whims certainly cannot end a burdening welfare state and liberal socialist activities without boundary. Liberal activists fail to join this reality time immemorial, dishonor earned is not by failure, only deceit in education or advocacy of participation rewards. Quitting is dishonorable, if your opinion is that no one is better than another is, you have quit training pupils to be the best. There is no battle to succeed, defeat the roaming horde without condition. Never shall one die without ever knowing absolute. Our children are the leaders of tomorrow and the guardians of time. Defiance is with the corrosion of conformity at the first moment of silence you go mad, but if you break your toys, you cannot play.

The history of the controversy over the benefits of liberal arts education versus training for the job market, touching upon educational elitism, accountability, and the value of a college education, logic begs the argument that neither vocational nor liberal education should be seen as an isolated end, but only as a part of the process of lifelong education.