06 March 2016

M358 – Climactic Degradation

Merlin 3:58 – Climactic Degradation

The werewolves search high and low, reacting to attacks while smelling and looking, growling and rooting out anything that breathes, from loft to loft scaring children, but in effect a mighty culling, any sick body taken beast of hand by throat and almost thrown into the streets, the larger berserkers inspecting them in the street, captors not killers release them more wounded fright embrace. They run by the phoenix in disregard and it the same of them.

Troy sees Sino in the street, unsure of allegiance and candor, learning from watching him end the life of someone, whom, however innocent, is seen with a fearful pale face near Sino’s nightmarish malice. Sino pulls his hand slinging red blood against Troy’s white skin, his boots in cadence laden to swagger unofficial and revenge, magic by one hand pins Troy against a windowsill, the other reaches for him, only passed him into the window Sino breaks the neck of an undying infected misfortunate soul, but not before Troy has daggered him.

Sino smiles of narrowed eyes and blood-filled mouth, his bracelets and rings collide against themselves and shatter the waves of echoing furor and calamity that bindles fear as kindling to rampant chaos, he pulls the blade and licking blood cuts his tongue, tossing the blade to the ground he departs, seeing Kylesa in the distance having watched one-sidedly ever quite the spy.

Troy follows Sino, realizing that he is being stalked he tries to evade, by intent he now follows Troy. Kylesa draws bow ready to attack one of them, she saves Troy with an arrow and Sino disappears. He reappears behind her.

Sino: For god and country, now?
Ky: The plan is to live, and I MAKE no promise in my desires.
Sino: The plan is unchanged.
Ky: You were going to kill him. How does that fit plans?
Sino: He stabbed me, so I took his knife out like this, and split my tongue, overacting.

Troy: Put down the knife!

Sino takes Kylesa hostage, Troy shoots an arrow, which Sino holds patient and moves at the final second to take no wound yet appears to fall over wall. Her prestigious disguise remains intact.

Kylesa: Oh, for king and country, you’ve found me!
Troy: Are you okay?