03 March 2016

M356 Precursor to Chaos

Merlin 3:56 Precursor to Chaos

Kylesa and Troy sit on the rooftops, a city and sunset, they speak of loss and lust and the moons. Merlin sees their silhouettes at the edges of the warm sky when leaving Nick with Ana. Egret resting with the morrow, phoenix waking with the night. They see the city and the balconies of the affluent and royals. The chieftain king stares from a window covered in a blanket, staring at the sun, listing to resounding carelessness, staring at them when they notice, a servant comes to the aid of the king and he begins attacking the servant, devouring them soon for no reason and Troy lets loose an arching vaunted arrow to kill him. Kylesa begins to climb across rooftops and Troy follows her, she retrieves the arrow and thus evidence and departs with subtle warning to him, he is with peace of city suffering absentia. Petty crimes of children of incensed infatuation, which one can steal something better or exclusive for someone pretty and elusive, which they take crowns and lay in the regent bed and laugh like royalty, there are no songs of birds.