06 February 2016


"Living well is the best revenge." ~ George Herbert, a long time ago. 

I got type one on the Enneagram, and now I have to work on designing and exploring to save face. I do believe that database tech comes at a perfect time. I seem to be a perfectionist and I thought I was just dissociative. My plan is to blog what I do in math, physique, creativity, and networking. The fiction here, and what i call ews you'll have to rename later. I second guess these words. 

This blog is my outlet, empath therapy is critically time consumptive and a personal quest, despite being for everyone there aren't so many of us and i'm burnt. So it's regenerative psychic warfare for what it is worth. I try to have writers block, but I don't know where to start. The purification of my emotions in the spiritual quest for absolute logic. For me, simple, but you can see why I want the break. As for writing, enjoy it, don't, email it to people who don't speak English. Just to sound crazy, I am on the illuminati, I lost a bet and now I have to write for free. Don't worry, a lot of writers aren't getting paid either. Mi trabajo informatica será pagarme y ademas yo lo escribiré ser un escribidor famoso cuando estoy anciano y nos me tuviera experiencía. 

I am instinctive and possibly emotional, a great thinker I am not. I have had a renaissance, I will have a revolution. I combine instinct and emotion to appear thoughtful, over-calculated I make mistakes of haste. There are the people that think Merlin and get lost their way before the sightless words, and against the writing I can only imagine how unhealthy it is for my shadow, or not, two write with my eyes closed. 

I could also do with not talking to immediate family on the phone. I don't live with you so you don't get to call demanding I remove a part of my personality. You keep being the liberal always making demands, and I'll be the conservative that relies on family advice. Were not that different and you're only controlling yourself. I don't even listen to people who aren't women for more than 10 seconds anyway. I don't have the attention span for it anymore. 

Cult Classics: So expect the M to write forward, but being more brief, as in focusing on bad dialog cleaning out its book 3. Gladly I'll be going forward with NT, it's just knowing when to break it into act 2, and if any characters survive it, the sequel sucks without a time machine, and I have 'Jumper' working-title that has a fucking time machine. That is ultimately the hardest for me to visualize and am open to course correction - it is that, and the unfinished work in all things. I've decided that M4 is to be called Demons and will have exactly 99 chapters and a number of demons the soul-hijacking kinds. i Instagram my photography, I Facebook my family, i'll give updates and selfies from the gym on Tumblr prolly, the tech sites are going to be separate and I wrote as much under the information tab, and I'll post those links here once for introductions and those'll be there. And, ha, fucking AND I'll put an email for this blog to separate my publicity and obscurity.

The lunatics have taken control of the asylum. I'm making sure the writing stays on the walls. Almost forgot, banana chips and spinach dip should be the national dish, oh, and your country is falling apart because you're blaming capitalism and that's your f! fault, not our fault. We can't help you if your not helping us in our honorable endeavors. 

If I don't post something new, it wasn't written yesterday. See, speak, and listen, to the universe. 
     Os amo,
          ~ Matt