24 February 2016


Proceed to information.
It is more to contribute kindly, than by force prepared.
Am I proposing this, accept if you must, the lifespan of a word.
Everyone is someone else, and they are where they are.
One can so live of this as something seen.
Communication fades as the signal overwhelms noise.
Risk everything to have goals, not goals to have everything.
Purpose and focus joins this universe in the currency of the subatomic.
Remember windows to dimensions of endless creation.
Particles in the winds of information, lifeless without each breath.
Images still seen, described by the future, to this connected directly be.
Tracing the void, priveledge inheritance without account.
Torrents of seeds waiting for the solar powered dawn.
Copies of ourselves noticing our creation date.
The same route, over the line, the same switch.
Back to the source, for confirmation of question, the time to live.
Program yourself, where decision choose, else sleep.
All roads lead to roaming charges, seek target.
Fiber optic light source and destination.
To help file from error code, endless script in cipher.