30 November 2015

eyes wide shut - the prey

that and this the same word, for a waking reminder, lost in the minutia, next, a golden parachute, to remember, the one of the how'd you know, its a little i play this place the loss, the words are typing myself again, you see, i'd priveledge at tht time again the the the, well and well, sometimes this place is death, not for the public the king is always on private land, mischeif, missing xefe, the gluttonous place this weakest place, a flash of madness two worlds one, winning a grave, who be sure it saves the serfes another cure, curil, peculiarity, this is name, my skin i cannot escape, and the daylight never comes, that this deluge descriptive from lecture, to be an end of ever listing in the more, everywhere could be the brimming and unbridles led fire, unsidled rapture soon to make for sail, throw me at the moon my skin's aflight, never not so negated, shredding solo fire bending timber below, i have seen the dead walk across a burning bridge that burdening by the buckle s wretch, guess the tarrif now the sherrif lures the anon this blithe thirst i look into a memory burning like such, a phantom witch, and i still have no hunger, i don't know my name, there are gods i stare my veins unfurling dark harmonies unheard for opoipoisonous roses, a river of blood, i am langour to the splendor of satient mind, this pain sublime is my conversion me, the reflective hell of heaven's reach, are the few so any they cannot come, a fog and the warlock both cut me, and by my eyes two more worlds, the fog is a razor, the trepidation of wordless fright as i ask to hide my fray, haste and away, chaste and bloodbathing play, a new color, or an old one in the electric sight grey, ennui in exponential of paradignm save purgatory, that's it a saviours' displaced, again not as skin now color of the underworld, i beg for the last of your thoughts, we will find who did this, but of only one eyes, and the slightest damnedest, damnd'st really, quickly, my own blood i taste as a rite, those things of initiation placation driven back, broughteth fore, too much a dream as the madness and the memory and the plans of mortality brace for a fog of all the senses turned against the model fences of the fragile brittle mind, so the slaughter can soon find, the theif of life is inadequate to describe my maker, yes, the hell mouth is a creature for dele, no, deletrocious, any part of any parts from scene, a witch stands in the woods hypnotized electrified in hex of absentia, over fangs the deranged spell incantation, supplication that words out are breath inward foreward kindred creature, the lights too bright the days too trite and still loss cannot know the finish in the terminal craze that many follow, like the dream of wars survived by one, i stand among the many silent things that grew in the season anterior, now superior the bloodthirst dancing with the dirt, reaching into the world now my own, the cold mist cuts thru my skioul, scowling down and breaking free a feed of mixture toll and crumbling empires will die from within as the forever sees to own, each molecule of the mist to spy like rain, and the pain were not from having met adversity, they are trees, leave them behind your conquest, time is sand you will over tower each step the stones crossing your path followyou for steps of the empires that crumble in the distance, would you not, and i am dry, like the never before, compared to measuring infinite punishment to the treason of the season of the witch, the neck seems so familiar, i cannot touch but i must dance alone, bright is lesser for the mess of pressure i guess, dresses wounds and dance in the battle slaghter the cattle and rhyme and reason fiend and send, the skin glows, the moon in my mind to tell you seems to fit the thoughts of soldiers died and gone trying so a lying mesure fills that this will creates in the distance, now the hunger outright speaks to me, the predator and pry share a dream it mayhaps glows and gleansms and seems, i see there oh shallit is clean that i cannot fake this hunger when so many cannot this taste the life of ashes and stone, rock, the white is all the eye, like a prisoner of an inkwell having oil in his mouth, the warmth of the doubt understanding, screaming demanding, echo away, singing like a ringing note and i dote on the bwitched self, selfless, selled selflessly, oft are the stares redoubts of doubt, wrapped by the inner sould, this id this displaced child of logic in freedom that intelligence naughts, sinking feeling able to let the earth rise around me, beauty, dismissed by all the busy that cannot lead nro folow nor fret like gatherers in a storm comon, the laught incommun, the many ways to murder something in your way these days, this colony many given take, soemthing always anyways, a response by the two they share their thoughts a pensivevity, profound pressure, just to serve them like a fountain to drink between the nnext forest of the souls, a wake of a new vampire to fall in love with the demon witch in themorning that she frees from silence and blind stare, not blaming measaure on the meetingplace hearts ablaze, nor i if she seduced the vampire or made my soul thirst for hers, would you consume yourself, what, like a dream of standing thru an autumn in its full and fall, you have indeed, wake her and she must breathe her legs anguished and you must carry her, but you see i cannot, drink her by the heart itself, or so else also asunder so seems alseparate cannot, take her up, in either way you can, the day will heal her, but you cannot, i can, you have your own blood to thank for the day survival, but that is god's scary but satisfactory humor, you are, dying, that brings you to your choice, there is not a drop that can stop you from the madness of the vampire, layers of insanity beseech thyself, i can move an so should you, take the witch or which to take, buthe one drop will give you an unending rage of craziness, madness malaise, either way she will praise, that's my fate is to be a droughted poisoned vine or consume for time, if the madness does break you it will soon forsake you, there is a the only other way unseen, the trap of yours is the same, and blood by gain the vision of darkness parting with your carcass for her starving languid starkness or you both shall fall today, and when the fog departs us i shall tell her you once had much to say, the mist of magic forces cut endlessly like every of the falling starrs like knives in the fog