30 April 2015


I might just do all my videos in Spanish, to force a los pinches izquierdistas to put forth a little more effort. It's asombroso because I got stuck with a phobia of being on TV and I nearly flaked in action. I figure this is me, I look like shit, I am the byproduct of insomnia and insolence. I needed 4 to 6 minutes and took the first one that made it past four minutes, and so now you know what I looked like, future people of the future doing future things, my own posthumous send off, and I look like shit, and I need to hit the gym everyday. I know. I can speak, I just can't lie on demand, it's why I don't play cards, maybe. And I'm good with sharing my face in the randomness....

mjbanks - medio ambiente - 20150428 [720p] from M.J.Banks on Vimeo

to stop filming it several many times when I froze, to do an act in a second language, to leap from the bluffs of a mountain, gracing the face of a waterfall that collapses in thunder of a time-travelling event horizon above space below fantasy, low and slow 12 chillstep program. Sorry to disappoint. I'm going to post over it tomorrow anyway, ya tengo trastornos de desarrollo lo que no evitó, y latino ...lo me ayuda, sometimes. With two languages we will win or lose big. I write it not much better than I can say. Oh fuck, so duh, I had to post a video about environmental disasters, o el medio ambiente en general, and I honestly posted the one that was long enough. Nauseating. To see what I was thinking helps, but the phobia is that seeing myself too much will destroy the space time continuum. Small amounts of my vainglorious soul being taken by the demon is okay, otherwise I'd be afraid of my own reflection, but less is more for me. There are names for having to write, and I know some of them, there are people who know what it's called to have to act, and I know some of them. And it was "Earth Day" a few days ago, lo fue hace unos días, aunque everyday is an earth day. Start, run, intl.cpl, language settings, keyboard us international.

"Long live the new flesh."

The next phase involves two stories at once. When I can run I will post our next video.