26 February 2015

Death Mettle

Hast and fore has come that time of twilight in the day with low hours many wicked bristling spirits break the veil to take the world, a passing time of winter battlefields painted by frozen red blood, and some ghosts die by second deaths while all are gone when the kingdom of the sun returns.

Vile and villainous tailed and tyrannous primordial dwellers of morality severs ties to truth by ease of infinite darkness, then tears the wall from darkest prison leaving trail for blinding vision brightest door of primordial hunger unleashed the death and magic binding them by portal soon to mortals feast the creatures by their features wrath and durst and scorn, and exit purgatory to our world and survive the purging temperate summer.

How neutral are the affects of hunger, as predators hide the devious tunnel beneath a rotting war, the rooted scores of densities of forests by where nature keeps its greatest killers, even voices of the noises plotting killers of the thrillers sinking pillars of the norm hiding fearful loss of smiling while the bloodthirsty seeds of evil continue writhing in fear at the edge of woven nature and its darkness like a shore, until the fiends of demons liking past for mercy naught for striking poise for dreaming better dealings for the reelings that prey feels beneath the score, as the tunnels collapse beneath the size of the growing endless feast.

Each how much time that goes unfocused killing ghosts and breaking focus with the grace of hocus pocus on the tortured souls of hell, soon the waking goes to locusts and the tired go unnoticed, soon a host of hell makes motions like depression minds the ocean without fear of fallen species nor their slayers vengeful stare and follows for the chance to change dimensions and the smell of rotting air.

I had hoped you would honor a peace as I let you feed on them against your will, that this new world was a place of freedom for our wars to be apart, I had many things in question from the burning of the heart, and for this you have broken my neutrality and therefore I must break you for but the thrill. They will strip your branches as I destroy your roots, was it best to know the actions without doubt will find the truth.