12 December 2014


"Wisdom is learning what to overlook." ~ William James

In politics, I'm hearing a lot of things like 'we should grant them amnesty to get their taxes' and I disagree, or from the other side I'm hearing 'they should leave because they're not paying taxes' and I disagree with that. 

As the semester nears end, we can all relax, I am writing again, a year later, but next year. If you ever have asked yourself what life means, then you might never know what it is like to watch and wonder why you would do that. I found a worksheet on a math classroom floor labeled "Psy 433" and I am going to answer its questions by putting what the paper has in quotations and my responses in text. 


"Apply the ethical decision making model to these case scenarios." 
  • "You have a large and very aggressive child in your group who often frightens and hurts other children. You are spending so much time dealing with this child that the other children are not getting the attention they need."
First, I would put myself between the problematic child and his victim, opting to explain on behalf of the victim that the problematic child's actions have effects by stating, when you hurt I hurt and I want you to not hurt the next time. This affords the child the belief there will be a next time, while both offering the basic nature of communication and the respect of providing an opportunity for dialogue. If attacked, I will put the child between my wrath and immediate exit. Should the problem continue I will tie the child by their feet and suspend them from the center of the room so that it may faint from cranial blood pressure and let the other children hit the child as one would a piƱata or a hippie.

  • "A family comes to your agency for services, and discuss disciplining their child, and state they believe in "spare the rod, spoil the child." You notice bruises on the child."
Very sadly I would tie the parents by their feet from the center of the room until their blood pressure causes them to faint, then allow the child swing a bat at them as one would a baseball or baby seal. Then, I would take illicit photos to damage the parent(s)' reputation and post them on various net sites and around their neighborhoods on every telephone pole leading to the nearest gay bar. Each photo will have characters of questionable taste, often indistinguishable or at least in near likeness to creatures of the animal kingdom, violating the parents in the manner that those animals prefer. I will not be in the photos, but will violently interrogate the parents until they confess what had been done, then append that violence to their punishment, as one would treat a politician or clown.

  • "You learn that your state's licensing regulations limit group size to 12 for 2-yr-olds. Seventeen children have been assigned to your group."
Teach them how to defend the innocent by practical means, and instill confidence by teaching a skillset and granting them honor by recognition of accomplishments, as is common knowledge to those with labors or determination. Also, I would urge finding the women who are abandoning their children and attempt exchanging them for our comrades who have been taken hostage by slavers and terrorists in these times of war. If I might add, we don't have to fight wars for those who would fight each other, but the innocent are always necessary and the necessary are not always innocent.

  • "Parents are questioning the play-based curriculum in your 4-yr-old program. They want assurance that their children will be ready for kindergarten."
Such accusations are preposterous. Hamlet is a perfectly harmless play and their children will be ready for kindergarten before you can say pogo sticks. Unless you meant the four year long program, which is not play but a very serious professional computer technology and combat training for espionage and healthier living program. (all rights reserved)

  • "You have a coworker who is frequently absent, causing you to have to fill for her shift on your days off. You have a friend who sees her at the gambling boats while you are filling in for her." 
Maybe she works there and like many government jobs, is exploiting the taxpayer. It could even be her second job damaging her schedule, taxes are rather high for a 'developed' country. I would let her know that my friend is worried after I work overtime. I hate gambling and I don't really know why, so I don't think it would be my friend, but actually a government spy in a mask pretending to be my friend so that I keep laboring for taxable wages.

  • "At your agency, an individual who has been assigned to a support group with a coworker comes to you and states that your coworker has been sexually harassing him." 
He is gay. It happens randomly and without warning, like traffic jams or long violent wars of independence from dictatorships, do not be alarmed because it is not contagious. Use the opportunity to quietly ask any fashion questions in mind that you cannot ask of your inner cadre, and then politely decline. Unless such information assists your goals in which case go crazy. 

We're done here.

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” - Margaret Mead