09 July 2014


First, a poem I like to call, The Man Poem. 

"Man Poem" When I love, I feel euphoric, and then I want to you know what, and eventually I get to do you know what if I'm lucky if you know who approves, and then I you know what and sleep. ~ mjbanks

Next, a poem I'm not sure which to call, either 'The Statist Poem,' which is three words, 'Small Print,' which is two words, or 'Gutless,' which is one word. 

'Small Print' By order of the state, more choice has been awarded by force, that is, without being given a choice, but we've chosen to permit choice of choice to some of you, not all of you. In correction to the radical free thinkers, we tell you when to love, in the unlikely event that we allow you to love, we will at such time provide a list of approved activities to utilize that love for the benefit of the community, of which will contain certain state-approved objects of your affections expressly permitted without the things that inspire actual love and/or independence. The list of approved choice exercises is written on paper with sharp edges that you will be forced to pay a fine before cutting your finger in case a weaker person should cut their finger, in addition to the paper tax. Should you wish to file a complaint, the standard paper tax and standard paper-cut tax apply, you will be directed to a bureaucrat who will change the subject, and you will be put on a list that very frustrated people will send in a chain-email letter until it is lost. That list is also subject to paper and paper-cut taxes, and contains names of people that a violent dictatorship will put into indefinite detention if their egos are ever bruised, which is subject to the men-who-think-they're-women tax. By reading this form, you automatically waive your right to retrieve the time lost from reading it, and a compulsory time-management tax will be due, in order to pay for the time management division, which is neither physically possible to operate, nor in operation. Do not attempt to correct any errors in this application for slavery, as politicians have no higher brain functions. ~ Borg  

I was going to wait for winter of 2017, for two or three, but here goes. 

The president is still stupid, literally, and I just want you to let me be clear. I'll do it tomorrow, he probably shouts from his room to the VP. Shouting thru the door. 

*knock, knock*
"You have to keep some of your promises!"
"Gawd, I did already, go away!"
"No, actually keep them!"
"I'll do it tomorrow, let me be clear!"
*turns up horribly not metal band*

So it appears to me as such:

He blamed the wealthy, then he gave the wealthy all the poor people's money. He 'bailed out' the wealthiest, with tax dollars. Taxes are money that poor pay, while wealthy who get higher taxes raise costs on consumers, poor people purchase commodities, which is part of a larger process called consumption, which is part of a larger process called capitalism. If one were to want the wealthy to pay more, then charge them more, a donut for a million dollars, a soda (pop) for two million, etc. That wealthy person could pass the costs onto their respective consumers, or employees, but wages are reflective of supply-and-demand, so if the public cannot afford it, companies fold, politicians usually do another bailout, but that's a repetition of an unsuccessful liberation, or print to excess, which is an even larger more unsuccessful liberation. Also known as a failure. Bureaucrats and the liberal-minded can say it successfully printed money, but the reality of inflation remains, which a donut costs a million dollars, but difficult to pay for an impoverished worker who earns maybe a 100-th (0.001%) of that annually. All while the rich person could've paid the high amount. So he was stupid there, and a hypocrite, or a contradictory traitorous person. 

In a more dangerous situation, he continues using executive-order, whether someone else has, is of no import, do not change the subject, we have to live here. Using executive-order where democracy will do, is beyond the scope of his position and against the law. Those, executive orders, are intended to expedite actions relegated by law to other facets of our government, not his apparently, not to contradict the rule of law. I'd be willing to bet good money that his inability to understand constitutional law is why his academic history has been sealed from public record. To expedite things clearly outside of his jurisdiction is unconstitutional, arrogant, and unsafe. It's my understanding that anything done in haste in the name of any other is dangerous. 

So those are the two, dumb and dangerous, of adding to his legacy persistent, which I thought would make three. That's to say, we can see you, clown. Circumstance and happenstance, it's all a matter of public record. I can't say much about faith, I trust myself, thus I know what faith is. I can't really say I'm against cooperation, but I'm against ambiguity. I'm a Joe Friday "Just the facts, ma'am," sorta dude. Embracing such reckless abandon, in perhaps the name of sensationalism or some relentlessly instinctual animism, as we all can see, seems both foolish and malign. At least it does after six years of it. 

....and so I thought it was stupid, mean, and both, three for three, a trifecta of fallacy. Then today crossed 'the line'....

It's his amnesty push. Now, let's remember, he has a trademark pathological behavior, a socialist sociopath. A party without productivity, he first blames someone else, second reminds everyone to be calm, then in four pieces a) says it isn't that bad, b) says he wants to fix it, c) whines about not being worshiped, and d) then threatens his opposition, and finally thanks people for coming, and leaves without ever providing a solution. 

I opine that he has no solution because he made a contradiction in statement, if a link is bad the chain is weak, if a fact is bad the plan is weak. Losers say why they can't, winners practice/try until they can. I know reading this is boring to an honest person, even if you're not honest and still believe you are, a person can be in denial about many things. We can dream so long as we're free, else we will only dream of freedom, until it appeals to us, thus until we take freedom. It was odd to me that so many enable him, themselves, and others. I think he's a heathen. To avoid confusion, i hereby declare i think oddity surrounds the illogical. By that I mean, some go as far as to treat him like a pharaoh, a dictator, and slowly the walls of morality, reality, commonality, they fade. His sycophants have begun denouncing piety to a book they believe is written by and about a human because they fear indoctrination, in favor of piety to a doctrine written by and about humans. So we've got good old irony with us. 

So I decided this entire article would add my act and the irony bit to make it seem three to me. I'm paraphrasing, I'm not judging the need to escape the socialist dictators and cartel violence, I know I would, but he seemed to adamantly imply urgency and that he needs the country to know 'it means, those who infiltrate illegally, the bureaucracy will feel pity and legalize them, and that isn't an incentive' .............which is why I say it is ironic, because that's verily an incentive (to come here.) For three point seven billion dollars. For that amount of money, southern dictators could be deposed, instead of kissing their asses, a veritable what's what in a 'stop, or I'll say stop again' foreign policy in the case of the 'Mideast' as we call it, desalination and irrigation projects, instead of waiting for trouble and droning suburbs and innocent bystanders, which I guess is his taking sides in the Sunni-Shiite perpetual conflict. We sometimes say 'God helps those who help themselves', so if you want to play god, help those fuckers instead of pretending to be benevolent as a system of operating in debt by your design collapses, inevitably, and you blame everyone else, inevitably, with the immaturity of yours we have all come to know.

He also compared his efforts to the national parks system, which is essentially the process of not building things because some people love camping. Maybe he likes tent cities. 

Anyway, let's close on immigration, if we have no choice other than to let them stay, I have a solution, let's send them to Chicago. Let's send Catholic capitalists, whom sometimes listen to heavy metal, desperate to escape the trappings and violence of socialism and socialist dictators to wonderful Chicagoland. I'm bored of writing a boring article about something that everybody with half a boring brain knows by now.

Check out my amazeballs epic fucking infographic. 

Bienvenido, cochinos y perras, a nuestro gira de exploradores. Encantado. No olvidaís de propinas sus camareras. Hablar con quienes pueden hablar, y hablar inglés con vikingos. Si no podeís luchar, ¿por qué habeís venido?  

If you're one of my professors, don't give me a shitty grade just because you can't think for yourselves and decided to vindicate your overlord, the world needs academic honesty more than ever. I've had three teachers who've been absolute gits about my politics, and classes are expensive, that's another blog post, but honestly very expensive, so don't do that shit. Pardon my English. 

It took 90 minutes to write that; that's a fiction book a week if I didn't have stuff to do; how much does someone cheating the system do in 90 minutes? How much harder is it for people who pay taxes, when people are cheating the system? (Answer Hint: See Above)