01 May 2014


Fiery roots consumable, gold fish not gold, a fire is a brickwork painting, tired rivers only cry and burn, wrought are men and dreams, mercy is the lie of fear, tired and exciting, I wait not for judgment, clever wretched torn and abandoned listless virtues, embattled and stemmed, bashed for sport and mocked, kill the shrike and wait for storm, challenged by the wind unfettered undaunted, time is only the beginning of this world, reflection of sin, uncontrolled emotions burning ever outward, striking at the devil in darkness, powerless, to burn brightly secrets, hate. Charger danger rotten from the kin, sleepless in the same void that is eternity, savoring gracefully the destiny, awakened. Pax Americana. Calming points of sea wind of shorelines, the restorative warming light, serving respite to hospice and restless of sight, the sunset moon. Graces gone with wrath wind, sake me nay upon some fits of terror burnished high in severed wits, make absence of thee, fettered obeisance, chased impurity marked by fire and plagued by nuisance profane, beleaguered by tragedy and dust, fortune saves none when despised by fools, sink faster like a rock in the stomach of a deserted sandy demon, to choke on your different ideals. Mixtures of all time and space, for in this time of nothing is the mask of death my friend, clinging to the sky and forgetfulness. Sorrow is the river of tears, murder is the life of killers, pace to make the sea and haste to make it bleed more so red, pacing the bloodiest trail, waking in the bodies and fire and unrequited wrath of our elder deity, blistering in the sun to disguise myself as the liberals who think death makes. There is nothing besides circumstances, the fate of death unknown, the liberals are destructive bureaucracy, occupy to rewrite the occult, after blind to see what happens to the public domain, images formless take place of worship, matters of the sin, fires of the heart, hero. Sleeping with tattered dreams and shadows, former fighter become future hunters, a stringent smoke in eyes of lies and carnal lusts. Broken by tethered shadows of former lusts beside themselves w writ y rite fears 'absolvent', shredded aftermaths violently avenged sevenfold, visited by sandstorm reconciliations, winds of plague betakes the wars' pillars breaking, a blanket of fire in a powder keg alliance.