07 March 2014

Ethereal Message

So I was working with a virtual drive made five or so years ago, and thus the predefined video settings are a bit askew, and so I have to increase the font of any command line shell when I have to open a new one, because the display on older system states will not snap into window mode well. That, combined with the fact that my new operating system on the host machine has the newest operating system available and has an occasional wonky display, to wit the display settings are a few pixels' length extended, just enough to make text misalignment behind screen refresh rate. Furthermore, both systems en tandem, visually scrambled text line and font increase, provided a simple line of code in a translation that I cannot interpret, something from another dimension. It is too blurry for my phone (visual translator) to decipher and very dismantled to its own effort for me to write and try. If it is profane, solo mea culpa. I find it one of those things to mark, not a sign from the heavens, but yet still a sign in the interstitial superstition. The image is better referred to as the reversal of fortune cookies presented as exotic, now in turn a language that I do not speak for you to witness the idiosyncratic grammatical errors, and my young inference to take a small hiatus, a petite respite, for the next battle. Socialism is platitude, not plenitude. Your lucky numbers are....