17 December 2013

Go, I

Hello, incomplete post in the "drafts" folder from Monday of 8 November 2010, we meet again....
          The generation of prankster comedy viewers would easily be enticed by visual samples, logo, and voice-over, more as to why, people who would even watch TV, they who appreciate that movie, respect the genre and desire to revisit the vicarious experience slash/and emotional reward of a happy ending with the opportune environment - fun for all, had by all, without getting hurt, plus the whimsical yet traditional happy ending, as oppose to the macabre negative reinforcement accompanying vindication of gruesome crime-fighters or justice for their victims. in a happy ending even the supporting characters get vindication, and the villain get's rain on their parade, even if their loyalties are ambiguous until discovered at the end by the afore mentioned outcome for the antagonist or their actions throughout the play. traitors of protagonist often switch sides on the antagonist's victory.....

Instrucciones de vida:
Que se diviertan
. No Violencia. No rendirse. ¡Esfuércese!