08 October 2013

Political Maneuvers

Due to the partial US government shutdown: 

Nobody cares.

Cut taxes.

Don't put debt for failed programs on kids that haven't been born yet whom themselves will have to doubly pay for a protected professional-victim caste, as other nations abandon social experimental failures, while coping with the inadequacy of morality beneath entitled political morally-disconnected elitists with bad genes, and bad jeans, for selfish purposes, and shellfish porpoises, drugs were involved.

(this message paid for by the private sector, the church of heavy metal, rocknroll hoochie koo, nudity, bacon, novia del, practicing demonic rites outside of an atheist's house at all hours of the goddam night see how you like that shit, porn in the lobbyists, and viewers like booze.)

I didn't like going to church, but I liked The Church, then I discovered that there are atheists and I became a polytheist and zen master. 

I'm going to post a fic momentarily, i just had so much much fun yesterday writing about President Doesn't Actually Deserve To Be Mentioned and the acolytes of his Team Clueless Cult that I thought I'd try it again, I've been typing and backspacing a little now. 40 percent of people aren't financially affected by the financial effects of leftist pro-recession and pro-limitation politics, that's the same amount of cult-faithful leftists as of better never than late liberalism. You can't have fun breaking the rules of conservatism if there aren't any to break. Thought for food. 

~ Red John