05 October 2013

Ode Morgana

...and the air above the white ash-covered embers began to fill with waves of lengths of light, drifting spines lifting from the heat and vapors, casting into the air above the mint, its veins and edges cutting edges of the common daylight into the essence of the unknown, the quintessence of light separating for the cold and star-glittered unknown of chasm and void, the radiant reflections further gleaming to the opening expansive universe, irreconcilable to time and plain of simple night, sight beyond witness, missing and unremembered echoes of bifrosts and worlds of chaos and violence, terrible dark nothingnesses that glimmer innumerable, patterns of displacement as ocean waves of air, as light like water where the stoic dimension embraces existence itself, a sound of silence battering consciousness with the ease of seas and mountains reduced to granule, potent ampule of the poisons that would kill harbingers of death mixed with sunlight would not permeate hearts as did the plant, itself a reckoning isolated silence, unto itself devouring all perception to utmost ignore at inanimate mention, severed from roots while spiraling in death, casting rays of red light from its blood-covered leafs, tethered to the storm of ages, strung thither beyond the grasp of foolish sages and unbeknownst like the wrath of nether rages, reaching thru entropic measure becoming both presence and essence in a sky of dark and light both day and night.