31 October 2013

Demonic Reliquary

Somethings you have for long periods forgotten because of the strange genetic indifference. This I've had for a decade and I forgot it existed, all things considered, I'd like to know what it says. Neither my phone browser nor the language app can scan it for decoding. As I assume its purpose I'd guess that its not that old and the writing is 10th century Japanese (or more likely 20th century imperial army defector). I'll never know without help because I don't speak calligraphy, my clan stopped drawing on cave walls at least a year ago, it is relatively for a predicative measure to protect my insanity and grey matter, at least enough to remember that being unemployed its in fashion and appropriate to call myself a writer and an artist, which I thought was high time to do here in an entry and not in my sentry day by dailies. Ultimately I'm hoping that it is either the gaffer's name, which I add, I will take care of your bottle; or that it be something of a more fantastical element. I more wish earnestly that it is a demons' prison or a soul catcher or something. It could be how the slaves of vampires transport blood to their dark masters, some may say that it isn't even empty and that concerns me enough to warrant knowing what the sigil means, I've already opened the cork so......; There are any number of things it can do, perhaps it will save the souls of the dying, to be released at the sacred garden, or perhaps it captures souls for vile sanctimonious spells of incarnate wrath, were it to open may hap the souls of warlocks be drawn within it, so that those wicked casters of disaster spells be held captive and in contempt of court, or contempt of courtesans in parlor trick stealing people's shadows at parties to disillusion paranoid tyrants and amaze children who are as cynical because of young age; or even worse, the souls of the innocent stolen for martyr spells;

I don't know if it is cursed containing the world's most dangerous demons in current existence, and perhaps a few misguided Simonians, or not, and like some bad pelicula an international imports company just happened to sell to someone downtown a reliquary that becomes the demise of daylight, and I now have it, it would be disconcerting in the least. So yeah, I'm going to ask my buddy on darknet to translate it for me. It may have some Valkyrie use, holy oil, to transport or ferment the most dangerous poisons from the serpents of the depths of hell, or better yet could instantly bless water, or turn it into wine; I'd really like it to catch demons, but wouldn't we all - if it even caught ghosts or jinn, that'd be cool, and i think glass doesn't hold deities, it might've likely come from someone who bought dragon breath and the symbols kept it from melting; in any case it's served its purpose shared and now I can fill it with the five elements and break it on top of a mountain so that the world be covered in magic and the good be given greater strength to defend themselves from bureaucracy and other crazy acts of inadequate folly overcompensation. Bound to a soul so that the moment it breaks I die, intensely, or a secret society that prays to bottles, hoping an alchemy spirit is summoned within it, thousands of children around the world looking at an empty bottle hoping for a genie to do their bidding. It's probably easier to walk the line between fantasy and reality when on the ground between the two, the tightrope seems more suitable for creatures with wings. I knew a dude who thought he hunted demons and died during an illegal search and seizure, but failed to survive in his understanding of the world when he couldn't think outside of the box, and by that I mean, because after he couldn't trap them in a box, so he tried to stop them with it.

If you have outlawed fiction because you are leftists, or have done so because you are rightists, there are worse things than monsters....

Īṣa Upaniṣad, The Inner Ruler, Isha 3, "There are demon-haunted worlds, regions of utter darkness. Whoever in life denies the Spirit falls into that darkness of death."