03 September 2013


In old news, I've begun putting M1 into a single transcript/file and giving it its first major edit, i.e. revising everything to the present-tense when possible, adding punctuation, minor actions' sequences tweeked, html bookmarks, pics, grammar adjustments, ambiguous plural verb, etc. To which I'll be self publishing on Amazon for sale, and so on, and so on. On the M3 front, in announcing the break I turned 10 chapters into about 25, and outlined the "plot bible" for the rest of the book, aiming for a fourth - those will be posting eventually, as I have cursory completed the first 5 of those chapters and write too much hack literature.

In recent news, my mom took an early retirement from teaching due to a disability called polymyositis, at the end of the previous schoolyear, and her classroom collection of things we brought home and put in the garage. Because of her inabilities, I was the one doing the unpacking and reorganizing, hoarders be damned, and I discovered the following documents; if there are more, we'll never know. These are the first three poems I ever wrote.

Imagine it's about eighteen (18) years ago, más o menos un año, and I'm in the seventh (7th) grade, 1995 I was 12-13 years old, and we'd just moved from Gary, IN, thank the gods, for mom's new teaching job. Some of you weren't even born at the time, go figure. The final semesters of her university she was in a student poetry club - weekly or monthly on evenings, a big do I would often fall asleep on the coats - that during I possibly had written one of these poems, and to socialize me (among other important reasons) began an after school poetry club at the junior high where she first taught English (which itself was transitioning to a 'middle-school', strive for the middle!, ha...). There was a girl there named after an angel, but whether I was forced to attend them or if these are love poems, is anyone's guess, being so long ago. It's obvious that the theme of these stories stayed with me, and I'll leave you all to decide how much. 

I've uploaded scans of them, which you can click to enlarge, forgive the typos in the images. Sin mas entonces, some new old stuff.

(Untitled), or Supernatural

the power surged from his fingers
more and more
specters stare in amazement
the unstopable power ceases
the fire in his belly begins to glow
a feirce beast emerges from within
only it is not a separate beast
it is only one
zaurus the one and only zaurus
this beast .....zaurus is not a separate monster
but one inside us all
he emerges holding the boy as a host
with one glance of his hand all specters are back at home
the zaurus slowly fades away
fades away to the deepest darkest binds of the soul
gone till the rage grows out again
gone till there is anger again
gone till there is hate
gone again


The Dragon's Flame

The flames melting his armor to his skin
the pressure building
the heat extreme
Fair maiden can wait
The pain is with both
The monster's reptilian skin
smooth as silk
hard as rock
The blood of my friends
on the wall
Claws whiter than ivory tusks
Cries of relief from the maiden
My fellow knights come
Sword clangs come nearer
The hideous monster falls
its last breath is taken
his head lays down
his eyes close
his life ends
Are all beasts evil
Should he have to die


Not Knowing Till Morning

An angel flies over my head
Am I dead
no I'm not
But I'm not alive
am I
I might be unconcious
alone and suffering
or in a hospital with a terminal disease
but there is another place I could be
It's at home