17 May 2013

Merlin 3:14 “Memories Aside”

Merlin 3:14 “Memories Aside”

Sino walks angry and maladjusted, with him as always is a piercing coldness, other than his thoughts the chill of even winds also, in front of, three wolves whom follow somewhat inclined to believe that he will soon make a kill in the chlorophyllic springtime. Hours they patter after him the passing time until he sets among the trees longing to sup, a small effective crossbow makes another use of one canis. The small army with scouting advantage about to approach the field of the abattoir in their full numbers wakens him to the social congestion amongst these trees.

He arises to the scuffling of shuffling persons, he walks to find them unabashedly, but he holds deep into his heart a regret that remembers his slashings and dashings and partisan thrashings given to the innocent and doing so with a smile on his face. The moonlit path his eyes distant in memory a malaise and praise of ego strides he verily, and soon approaches he unto another, not the spies, nor the likes of soldier, but healers who are in a way not unlike himself, approaches thus one of these men.

Relaeh: “Wherefore you come of these woods elder?”
Sino: “Sorry to be on my way, I was just, looking for a body.”

Sino feigning age deceitfully transgresses treachery upon the lad, taking his throat, holding him in sort repast to dark desires and murderous addiction, the kind that hell-bent tarrying rapaciousness cannot likely transport to good intentions. Here, in paces wend and rent of solacing accomplice stands save but trite and soon contrite at such quite the opposite, a man wearing cloak who is narrow beneath it, his arm outstretched and holding a wand square like mint stem, volar unto sorts reticent, pointing it whilst standing soon this on it by demand.

Leostas: “Put him down, Sino, I have no muster for your dissent.”
Sino: “You have no place.”
Leostas: “I am forever home. Release him presently!”
Sino: “Your demands with your blood will you hold in your hands.”
Leostas: “Perish the thought.”
Sino: “Come what you shall.”
Leostas: “They are my students, these healers, were I not myself I would not need them.”
Sino: “But you are alone?”
Leostas: “Yes, we weren’t following you; I simply want him to live.”
Sino: “I’m sure my boredom thanks you, shame that I can only kill you once.”

The boy’s throat clenched, legs without fluster, he is breathless and tossed aside, confrontation stares one directly and tother fixedly, in sooth, they have stood once ago to this imperative.

A duel, it is not calm nor is it quiet, blithe nor yet blasphemous, but it is quick and quicker as Sino grabs the lightning stretching to his hand from wand-waving opponent. In close proximity of haphazardly course, he takes a dagger and drives it into Leostas’ ribs with a jolt by color and type absorbed and redirected thru the silver, draws the dagger out, spins the blade to hammer down with argent claw, dark lighting crawling on the blade pierces into his heart of perennial tidings, roughly defining his ephemeral mortality.

Leostas: “Kill me, dark passenger.”
Sino: “I will not, but you should not live to see me again, Leostas.”
Leostas: “We are not gods!”
Sino: “…we are not men.”

Fallen, Leostas can barely stammer crawl backwards as he shuffles to a tree, he struggles frantically to magical liniments from his pockets, his fluent robe is cumbersome and preventative, and he tears thru the fabric from the bloody knife hole to pull a silver blade his own with his bloody hands.

The smell of silver and the radiance of blood redraw Sino’s attention, the energy from Leostas’ blade is a straight solid bolt, a beam production, but before he can adjust his eyes by the bright light to see, where it destines to focus on surroundings as his heart rains blood, Sino is gone, reappearing inches from him. As he stops his magic so ends his strength, Sino speaks quietly to him.

Sino: “You should have learned what I have not taught you; let others wage war, of all against all, war feeds itself.”

Leostas’ sight goes into darkness, Sino after taking silver goes to rive his heart. Relaeh thrusts into consciousness and danger clutching earth and gasping still for breath stammers to his feet and tries to run, Sino takes Leo’s blade and throws confidently it into a fleeing lower leg, making laden heavy booted trudging steps thru forest grass to the yells of crawling prey.