15 April 2013



Describe the positive aspects of social networking.
A well-established form of communication, the advent of social media has created a digital society for both professional and anonymous interaction, that allows current media trends to be disseminated and obtained simultaneously and instantaneously, deferring media monopoly to privatized interest, while allowing information sources to advertise and track public interest.

How important is it in your life?
Very importantly it allows me to obtain information from contacts I would otherwise have difficulty reaching or trusting, it can be a waste of time and a misleading gathering of self-loathing where everyone is a critique arguing with everyone and themselves. It also connects analogue workers digitally to career opportunities.

What are some of their practical business uses?
Advertising prospectively raises revenue for companies, and it gives the advertising companies the ability to test public-relations campaigns against a wider audience in a smaller amount of time. It also allows potential employers to screen recruits quicker and assessing a person's social networking behavior/actions.

What is at least one key ethical issue associated with the use of social networking?
The right to not self-incriminate no longer exists for those who have published 'tweets' and 'status updates' to social networking sites. Full disclosure and admission are pertinent to much of social networking, easily documented and open to interpretation widely.

How trustworthy is the information on these sites?
A report is only as good as its source; a renowned journalism portal can be trustworthy, while opinion/editorials without cited information can be misleading by their omissions, while bias and agenda can corrupt the information revealed, while honest information can be tainted by a trail of bad information.

"There are lies, damned lies and statistics"
- Mark Twain

"The problem with most quotes on the internet is that you don't know if they are true"
~ Abraham Lincoln