11 November 2012

Merlin 3:1 Doggerel

Merlin 3:1 “Doggerel”

Thrice warned have ye now been, but what it has warned of learning has not thy seemed in many moons. A realm disingenuous hiding in emotion against the logic of a family newly born, where creation dies and conformity wills its jest on the weak and opaque, a sacrifice made of armor and the scales weighted to the silent eyes of corruption. Killing wind and less where dire consequence manipulates faith and foundation as both poison and prosperity, for the hearts and minds are both friend and foe. Go were told and go ye shall, duly to the discourse will, and here of past our reckon made of tales, whence one became three, thence of three that fell as one, alas, lest no heed to another caution, as thine eyes pass-over these words, learned be, a stitch in time saves nine.