15 June 2012

Rules of a Dream

There are cultists who believe democracy and capitalism are not a good idea, that government is a first class of people, hierarchy a second class, and republicans a third, I pose to you supposed people that you're members of a dwindling genetic pool, inbreeds of your own design. Most of them don't understand the American dream, even tho most of the time they're living it, and despite complacency they want a hardened set of rules despite the throngs of conservatives blue in the face. Here we go.

First we must pay our respect to clergy, in regards to a nationalist equality, this would be everyone imaginable, we are all equal until factional. In the traditional sense of clergy, I am not an atheist I am a nihilist, thus atheists do not exist, I know most people can see them and so can I, it's more of a separation of church and state, it would be atrocious to see a clandestine surreptitious order of tax fiends parading causes of equality only to force ontological therapy and constant change without exception for common law. In history they have been called Orders, gatherings and councils, chaos in the dark ages, unto desperate feudalism, then totalitarianism, and if lucky a return to democracy and capitalism.

Second we have our liberal births to reckon our conception, in the land of the free everyone is of noble birth, but none are born nobles. We are kings among men and queens of consciousness. We are all nobles, but we are not born that way, we share an unspoken hope and a proud and adamant respect of freedom, of all the talk of what we may become that inspires feeble minds into envy we will disown you when you sin. We will warn you, show you what poor choices brings and where it belongs, and if there is doubt it is forgotten with the success. Food tastes better hungry but there is no excuse for starvation, a true leader provides prosperity and not poisoned hope to create civil war as the incompetent cave people of yesteryears. So many are desperate for attention or gluttons for punishment that it seems so odd that they forget how they are so easily forgotten.

Third are the commoners, don't worry I didn't forget to beseech your hearts, they are the voice of the people in angry riots, the heavy hand of destruction, and the lovers and teachers. People are the life-force of existence, barring that they can keep evolving I think even my extraterrestrial friends will let you live a little longer. Society is what creates itself, it becomes the elites of any word to describe a thing. It is people becoming the wealthy only to be hated, yet without them the anger would not be known nor the poorness unacceptable, the poetic justice belonging to irony on that one. They are the leaders of thieves and the hunters in the darkness, they listen, learn, and speak, and god blessed when they can do all three we'll be in a better place.