03 May 2012

Resurrection Inquisitor

There are those who want to enslave you, they will try to take this message from you, their consistent lying leaves them ignorant to honesty, they will lie of all things said. This text is an attempt to list their ways for you to countermand, you must use your voice and ask them to tell you the cost of all things, it is said that journalizing requires one to ask a person the same question ten times in as many ways before the true answer is told, this is because they lie.

There is no need in the world for emotion, this is obviously a lie which I write to inspire fear in liberals, the all accepting reckless abandon that is sensationalism, if you can scare them with irony you’re a step closer to sarcastic intellect and have given yourself an opportunity to see if the fretting libertine is competent to walk and chew at the same time. “if it feels good, do it” are the words of eccentrics that die young, not exactly at a ripe old age, and not exactly wise per se as they tell of experience in metaphor, ignoring the very principle of what feels, tactility, would a situation not feel of propriety the danger should be efficient motive to survive, not to indulge in naivety, would that it were we’d all be dead. The psychobabble drivel that intended to relay self-help messages ruin society in many ways by polluting the confidence of many souls, if a person intends to help a person have a complete existence through the pages of a book, how does the message stand to light. This is the shared belief of the atheists who despise theological endeavor, a product of this corrupt system themselves, you can count the times that they despise the despots and cults of personalities of their movements thru all of time immemorial on one hand.

The true evils idolatrize themselves and write their own propaganda, they are alone in their madness and want their lies to be natural and thus surround themselves with crudity, minions who will forget the past and the future of deceit and never mention defeat for it would show light on the misfortune of conflict. Logic cannot prevail to the ignorant, not in an unfortunate sense, but two persons of separate languages cannot easily trade for water and soon kill from blood lust, it is the same that God would not speak our language the atheist feels God has fled the desert without them, the impractical desire for conquest spawns a deep resentment in the shadow of the soul, then and there they try to fill it with domination. To abandon them to logic will only further the fervor, reckon to be thankful and drink the blood of Christ.

We are all capitalists now, if you’re not you’re everything else. The first of many lies is that capitalism is destructive, I’ll not dither on shared responsibility, the fear of industrialism and ownership is unwarranted, private property and human rights rise from eternity, the liars are left to face the law. Imagine the welfare state abandoned to the point of being called a ghost town, owned by a bank it serves no purpose to be hollow and hostile acquisitions occur in crowded climes, was it capitalism that emptied cities or was it parasitism.

The accursed revolutionaries of insurrection or the insurrectionaries of revolution, where the freedom fighter and the terrorist could be the same person in a single moment, would there be order to chaos or chaos to order, hierarchy exists in the violent environs and would a peaceful place be taken by force it would become rigid and dull and surely not remaining ripe. Hierarchy exists in the peaceful patterns of the universe, the tallest plant gets more sunlight and the most desolate creatures are the largest yet unopposed, successful society does not fear the unknown and grows into great amassment without class envy or resentment of wealth.

Try to aggrandize sensationalism and logic is created, axioms slip into the fibers of a species’ existence until they become unwavering traits, the limbs swim and crawl, our humanity lies with our ability to give. Egalitarian aspects of reality exist placarded onto life as much as to the unknown, the traits of fate favor the prepared but the traits of survival cling to the existence of progenitors. Knowingly we plant the larger of two seeds as to sow the favored outcome and give ourselves a better yield, the intrusion of lies will remove the most human of traits, choice. If humanity cannot sow the seeds of prosperity then the weaker will be unnaturally saved. The liar seeks retribution on a fate only they have personified and denied opportunity only provided to the living, and they will hate you.

Imagine a child who doesn’t want to do a new chore, not because of it being daunting but merely because it is not a particular task they are used to doing, that they designate it as beyond the realm of their expertise, now imagine that there are more children than physical people in living existence. This is the gainful plight of communists, desperately they have a solution to doing something and it is always that they not have to do it, entitled to all emotions unadulterated with the feeling that it is imperative for the future of all possible existences. This is the point that conservative will not do, the responsibilities and morals of duty are as useful as an umbrella in a shitstorm, and survival requires permanence to be relayed which requires the standpoint of a republican, which is the establishment they likely seek to destroy. Conservative is only appropriate to win an argument with an idiot, nothing ventured is nothing gained.

Forget everything I’ve just said, don’t because if you do I’ll still not have told you everything, even if it’s a lie. God can communicate to you, but you don’t get to tell Him a single thing that He doesn’t already know, if you do, you’ve gone mad. If you have already forgotten then I have distracted you long enough to offend, and the gambit is stronger now that I can fight for my newly imagined cause and you still don’t know what it is, like taxes these social traps are difficult to remove. In a list of atrocities the places, times, dates, names, and even famous slogans may be remembered, but they all share the same malicious thread, a false narrative can pollute minds where the message of truth can only cure the heart.

A man endlessly drunk, shouting about everything in his mad memory in every town he travels whilst trying to wash everyone’s hair is my metaphor for despotism. In his mind he orders only himself in the solipsist way to suffer the world, anyone against him is arguing a madman, the politics of fear combined with ambition makes an unethical beast unrecognizable to the would-be normal person, a philosophy, mathematical theories underlying monetization. I must add that this is by no means a substitute for emotional relationship advice, for I am also delivering a message, which if you just missed you’re a fool. That one’s a partial truth, therein lies continue, I have no judgment of the audience or thereof philosophical opposition, but yet I force critical judgment. As before, a distraction serves to stall while the liar can scheme against what is not broken, validity heretofore is at stake added to the deception of intellect. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words are almost ironic, ask any wordsmith.