06 May 2012

Merlin 2:28 “Causerie”

Merlin 2:28 “Causerie”

On the day of spring at the eve of dusk the full moon shines on a burgeoning forest in the April ethereal, water courses shining from the midnight radiance as the frost witch Halle bathes in the flow, her feet on the riverbed she with fingers closed in her open palms gently does her ablution, her blond hair pulled cleanly toward her back. Even unwitting her majesty is forced upon the manna, she cools the ebb and from her the ice moves downstream, with an unkempt promise of deceit her witch sister Lynn of fog approaches the riverbank.

Lynn: “What are you doing?”
Halle: “Come in, we can bathe each other.”
Lynn: “We are sisters…”
Halle: “Cleanliness is next to godliness.”
Lynn: “You were to follow them consistently.”
Halle: “Has the warlock sent you to fetch me?”

Lynn begins walking on the water as if solid as the trail of fog by her feet soon drifts with the current of the stream, a current cold enough to absorb any warmth in the fog.

Lynn: “He has…my agent provocateur has been ousted and I’ll be finishing the anarchy. You shall head to your palace and begin the siege on your lowlands.”
Halle: “Oh good, bloody well time.”

Halle resumes her washing as if unfinished, impatiently Lynn waits, while posing as a specter of the moonlight and keeping watchful.

Halle: “Are you sure, the water is warm?”

Despondent Lynn takes another look at the ice crystals floating over stream from Halle, which appears as diamonds adrift and broken glass as she leaves into the hoarfrost.