24 December 2011

what the fuck just happened?


So I got this letter, in my email, regarding a repost at colonialserf, i think the entire thing is ridiculous, yet it states that i have caused defamation of character, there's always the possibility that terrorists want it down because it ties them to Jews....and we couldn't be having that could we....(sarcasm), the odd part is, the article isn't there, there's literally only a link to the article, which my halfassed notification below states has been deleted from Hareetz through legal proceedings, and any mention of their client is non existent by my previous actions. Though I have protected their client's anonymity, they have not, this also means that the lawyers involved are completely incompetent, and the format of official communique is deleterious. 
I wont be taking it down, in the interest of America's freedom of the press laws, in respects and regard to the article being written as either an Opinion article or an Op/Ed (opposite the editorial) and needs not facts at all, with the addition to their client so clumsily afforded by them in a litigious haphazard attempt. I have immunity through expressed sovereignty and i'm going to use it. By the bye, I would like to wish the Jews and Muslims, a MERRY CHRISTMAS, you pinkos are the only ones still fighting for what the rest of the world already has, you are a tragedy of dignity and self-respect.

MJ Banks
Colonial serf, Fourth Estate

where they put, 
"was removed, in their entirety" 
should read, 
'was removed, in its entirety'


k yg 
Dec 20 (5 days ago)

to me

MOSHE KAHN ADVOCATES Moshe Kahn, Advocate, Attorney at Law (NY) Beeri Raz, Advocate, Attorney at Law (NY) Uri Milshtein, Advocate Yair Green,Advocate Moran Mor, Advocate America House 35 Shaul Hamelech Blvd. Tel - Aviv 61333 Israel Tel. +97236914775 Fax +97236914706 Email: office@kahn.co.il Website: www.kahn.co.il December 20, 2011 Mr. Matthew J. Banks Colonial Serf Log VIA E-MAIL Re: Libelous Publication Regarding Global CST and Mr. Israel Ziv on Colonial Serf Log Dear Mr. Banks, This letter has been re-formatted into Plain Text so that we may reach you. On behalf of our clients, Global CST and Mr. Israel Ziv, we would like to refer you to the following: 1. You have cited an article containing libelous content which was previously published by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, titled "Why does Israel have links to a breakaway state supported by Hamas?" on your blog (http://colonialserf.blogspot.com/2011/05/why-does-israel-have-links-to-breakaway.html and at http://colonialserf.blogspot.com/2011_05_01_archive.html) 2. As part of an out of court settlement agreement reached between Global CST, Mr. Ziv and Haaretz, this article was removed, in their entirety, from Haaretz's website. 3. Since the article, containing libelous content, has been entirely deleted by Haaretz, we request that you remove the article titled "Why does Israel have links to a breakaway state supported by Hamas?" by Yossi Melman and its content as well as any links, direct or indirect references to our clients, from your website. 4. We would also like to emphasize that relying on an article containing libelous content published by a third party does not constitute a legal defense, especially in the case where it was removed by its originator. 5. Furthermore, we would also like to mention that the publication of this article containing libelous content has caused, and continues to cause, unwarranted severe economic and reputational damage to our clients. 6. In the event that our request as set forth in Section 3 above will not be fulfilled within 5 days of the date of this letter, our clients will pursue the legal actions and remedies available to them under any applicable law and jurisdiction, including without limitation the initiation of legal proceedings by local counsel in the competent courts of law in the United States. 7. Nothing in the above shall exhaust the claims and actions of our clients and/or constitute an admission and/or waiver of any claim and/or demand whatsoever and/or waiver of any remedy and/or relief available to them and they reserve all of their rights under any law. Sincerely, Moshe Kahn, Adv.