18 November 2011

The Frozen Swamps

The Stars at Hand
Act 1, Scene 2
The Frozen Swamps on P-34r7h

Broken console once worthy as a helm
Cold florescence difficult repairs hence
From memory of distant shelter cove
A sight to see so patiently focus
The words to read with sight at sooner speech
Than stroke of key would soon the script be writ
Lest cold winter take warmth to not be proud
Repairs to this the ship of space en route
The code complete rejoins intelligence
By sound of speaking maps authority
That soon placates a new distinct rebirth
Often correct a nuance font reboots

“Please state the system destination now”

“System diagnostic, cartography”

Entails the time it takes to run the scan
Moments for the thoughts about his plan

“Navigation: off line - degradation”

“Of course, I want a damn system repair.”

Diagnostic fault error in the cells
Power builds or conduit is broken
To damage the casing might fatal prove
Better shapeless a hope than broken hull
Swift verity reconnoiter the fuel
Then cabin side pilot of the sunset
To wait surfeit for boredom patiently
Wonder passes soon the sun will dead fall
To hide radiation from solar pane
From magnetic receptor while he sleep
Staring colors the catch of eyes receive
Reprieve in warmth and fear the depth of night
Woken by early dawning dust and snow
A special morning wave of new sunlight
Trickles brook out of summer spring flowing
Close depletion renewed by system star
Algorithm consternation complete
He soon will search the stars of creation
For a respite at lodging for pilots
With hope, his company will be demure
Yet bawdy are the thoughts in compromise
Sweet revelation of his new design
The code inside the wires will take him home

Closest populated human planet

Brewery, moon, seventy-one leagues

Advice old in nature convincingly
He bids a kiss to a photo pasted
A summoned prayer to the gods this world
Speaking grace a wit of what once was lost
Remit no more wretched journey damage
Bound from surface lift at soon to manage
Asleep to dream in deepest, darkest, space
The mind outside nightmare without a chase