02 October 2011

Clad in Capitalism

Forever is the unfortunate era of social degradation and political change polluted by social justice demagogues promoting intolerance and exclusion. Conservative politics is hated, like anything a blind person hates, something they cannot see; a drastic metaphor to explain xenophobia cast toward the image of the invisible, the unimaginative rage of fascist pigs and terrified automatons who don't realize their unfocused communist tendencies. These people now desperate to find work perhaps - "People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals, and you know it." - they fit the demographic of people that the hippies with bombs were attacking. Since this reign of civil unrest, uncivil solutions, and wicked pontiffs above the crowds trying to scheme their next meals and failing to stop the waves of mass anarchy, the virtuous and meritocrats have been giving their all and losing their minds at night hoping that these liberal-children make it home by morning. In the years past, conservative groups were bombing contradictory establishment media-whores and military industrialists who exploited the minds of the innocent and stifled any sign of an education system merely for payola. These days the communists are in power over the last free country of the world, as to have ignorance, incompetence and civil disobedience, take place as this 'social justice' that was once called shared-brain nonsense or emotional hive mentality, if nothing more than a distraction for the ambivalence of leadership.

I know racism is the last word I want to hear, humans are one subset of life, not more. Some are more inclined to apt proclivity without reference, without facsimile model, original and substantiated; I pondered whether the president should be 'dethroned' as it were, in the name of a society defended by post-racialists who live inside the modern day equivalent to a blacks only club. My cadence becomes truly adamant as the time is wasted watching him payback communists and cronies or take kickbacks in the form of new campaign contributions, an immensely possible overt job security for himself, or cult infamy for his enormous teleprompter ego. I saw video, of Reagan at a British parliament where he spoke 30 minutes commandingly well spoken, but this president just might take the teleprompter with him when this administration ends, if he can break from being dispassionate about capitalism in despotic mantra.

Ideas about morality are extremely vague and confused among primitive communists, and by no means as openly concise as the socialist protest signs copied from books, the chants led by communist labor leaders, or in the formulated illogical 'manifestos' of learned people. By the by, a manifest is a list of things you believe are coming to you, in the spirit of amorality it seems a bit needy. The social justice lamentation is no more than desperation by consecrated anarchists, disparate vanity and naivete by young and old, in attempt to define morality for themselves, the ethics established by communities or the morality established by civilization has no hold on the insolent inconsolable masses. The cult of personality, the succored anachronistic goals, nor their incoherent and timid opinions are ill conceived and indistinguishable from one another. Were these places homes to logicians the majority of misconceptions and disinformation could be diffused with the remainder of lurid anarchy led by the unknown and mysterious faces in the crowd that would be their leader. An uneasy group emanates the green of sin as limelight, which communists use their forced dues to seek and exploit for subhuman sustenance like leeches from the cesspool of compulsory unionism.

Creativity evades the enemy of sustainability, the formless replication of viral and decaying pollution affects the formative mind. Seek not what your garden can do for you, but what you can do for your garden, lest alas the weeds will destroy even the autumnal seeds. Indeterminate layers of inexperience cloud the judgment of false prophets, if even a shadow of doubt exists the heart is false, this relevant determinant holds especially true to any idea that is not your own that cannot be proven. If time shall be saved by locksmiths, their craft had best be written and their fairy tales without evils as the victor in a land of manifestos filled with hated enemies of a manipulative author, but not a single solution of independence. There are ecological stewards and stewardesses whom upon anger by way of frustration destroy what offends truly only nature, the impending system hunts citizens dragging with it a cloud of insupportable regiment, like it were a labor politician, or a feudalistic scholar. The socialists, on their way to the indefatigable Shangri-La of communism, witlessly attack capitalism as if it isn't the perpetual force of society, were they not idly destructive and effacing. Decrying commerce without knowing the words of detraction in which you bathe, in an instance of rebellion roiling hypocrisy, fomenting liberal inaccuracy of boycott consumerism ignorant of the irony, is no less than dilettante bogus consumerism at its spoiled and profligate heart.

A leader would find didactic logic before influencing others from the high office, abandoned the anarchist is lost in a sea of feudal slaves, the only salvation comes in the form of the provident whom wish them godspeed toward education and wealth, the frail vulnerabilities of emotions and identity crisis plague a generation filled with more disruptive natural chemicals than the fiends they will become.