04 September 2011

Poseur Education

The context of currency is capitalism, the context of power is manipulation. I was at my all with economics, until sunset. I had imagined a world so cold that it could not help progress, a place so callous that it would not punish the reprehensible youth. When I ask myself what will become, this is all true. There is a profligacy that is destroying our freedom, an infectious irresponsibility is consuming all. There was a period of our past we call the great depression, a weight was put on our chests in the sea of tranquility, and all business began suffering. Again we are the same as that time, and it is equal in recession, though now we are a stronger alliance of cities and socialism. Our charitable programs have been exhausted passed the brink of failure and as a people we are very close to the point of no return. Ungrateful masses pollute entire schools of thought, grasping like beasts of burden with new circumstance spouting words they've heard merely for distraction and anarchy. Insomuch as technology has been overlooked by ingrate and insignificant masses, it is as it was prior. Technology is a natural necessity, without it we are lost to the darkness that the beast desires. With all objections to using shades of grey put aside, these new black days are upon us.

At the time of the olden time depression technology was a burden and a cure, in ways it brought sustenance to the tables of the needy, in other ways it put the farmer from the field into the lines of recession. Disparaging practices put order beneath chaos, and a time of struggle again brought together the minds of the masses and forged a stronger republic. The winters cold or the summers dry, those that had innovation could produce, as those who were unwilling to learn and grow were left to the wayside. From high and low a society seemed to split in two, though as often as great leaders have said that we are one, the spite and hatred grew from division into purported desolation. Cars moved the populous and justice caught the criminals, factories milled our food and housed our anachronistic desires, and the voices spoke while the children listened. Unto this our division began anew until the morrow we witness arrived. Aside from telling people that there is no recession, we must remind ourselves and others, the affluent and the exploiting afforded swindlers of both paupers and high society, that we must forever be learning.

Into the old losing years, we were many without technological convenience, the luxuries and other finer things in life we adore, now (and yet again) we are disparate, separated similarly, by the lack of leisure and communication, often one in the same. A few afforded the option to never work a day in their life, abandoned by an empty culture that asks nothing of them, envying toys, time, and every jot or tittle they see. Whether it be by choice or ill fate their inability to adapt makes them the archaic centerpieces of a battle that society must overcome. It might at any point be safe to shudder the thought, what the amounts of unemployed masses will desire when Earthlings create shuttles, or what else the science fiction writers have implored, to escape this rock. These times are tough if that only they are changing, "You cannot step twice into the same stream," many sage sermons have illuminated and many wise ones have touted but of so many words. If the heartbroken will break new hearts, those unable to heal and grow will be the demise of society. As the newspapers prize controversy over intellectuals whose sternest reprisals are written in sparse lines of this and that, the best conservancy is lost without flaws to reject, each trivial deceit is another moment lost on fallacious education.

You cannot make love to a stone but I'm sure, with the proper amount of money, in the right tent you could find a politician giving it their all. Are we ever closer to defeat than when we do not help humanity, are we ever closer to death than when we go at it alone, these perils do not wait for the souls and skins of life, but we must make them wait. If we do not cherish the wrong way eventually there will be none who can teach it, resist temptation to avoid showing misfortune, as there may be corruption borne of our hearts forever know it is not a creation of thought. Sport is a competition better by confidence earned by practice, faster is more formidable and is no different with knowledge, remain in your studies and do not abandon hope. Lies are all that is heard from death as a sport, success is no more difficult than survival. Being told that deceit is required is no different than a pathological liar deceiving you, it is much worse to lose the respect of deceivers than it is to disappoint yourself, but it is no different than fighting your entire life to be the best of the ignorant and disrespected by the innocently irrelevant childish minds than it is to be a slave to fear.

There is an absolute truth to be remembered in the forest of time, the innate human condition is wise beyond its time before it is born. Stay you by the strongest weapon and learn that demise is delivered by a fighter from a lineage of fighters, irrevocably know that the mind has limitless potential but our memory must forever grow. When racial traits are inherited, intellect is not excluded as an erroneous theology as the atheists would have you think, it is perhaps most accurately described as the human race. What we can do and know is endless, but our brains can only hold an arcane ten percent, if standards are ever lowered and the weak allowed to pollute heritage along an inadequate and wrongly damaging education system, a sobering stoicism will be realized only after the fall. It has been said that 'what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger', leaving little doubt of patrons of an undisciplined chaos would defame conservatives and claim that responsibility is forbidden. Their weakness is the most obvious, so blatant that it escapes the purveyors, their projections on others are accurate requests for their inner desires, calling others extremists is a desperate cry for extremism, awhile their mantra hypocrisy is a countable clamor by every egotistical presentation that foremost delays the inevitable.