13 September 2011

Obama Launches 'Misinformation' Website

Obama Launches 'Misinformation' Website - President Obama - Fox Nation

- "Now he wants to gossip on the internet."
- "This is just another case of government employee productivity going down the shitter because of social networking."
- "tisk tisk, sir."
 - "if he wouldn't provide so much misinformation, he wouldn't need that site"
- "no, he's starting a site where you can read all of his misinformation,"
- "i think he means disinformation...and trouble for Usa,"

According to Attack Watch: "See a new attack on the President or his record? Use Attack Watch to report it..."

I can't tell if this communist-socialist idea is closer to USSR or the Nazis. His failings are highly blatant.
+separation of power and reform / corruption

+permanent tax hikes for temporary plateauing 'stimulus' spending
+no energy plan
+no jobs plan
+no entitlement reform
+no bureaucracy reform
+no tort reform
+no education reform
+failed fiscal policy
+trade deficits
+crippling insane regulation
+unfair tax rates (One may expect rich tax hikes, as they earn more, but these %s are higher than their share of GDI, which is larceny.)
+unemployment over 8% for 30 months, longer than great depression (he gaffed it would never surmount 8%)
+inexperience / massive cult of personality
+an ADDITIONAL 2 million people unemployed
+25 million people with part time work, can't start families
+largest welfare-state ever
+largest unemployment period per worker in history / 40 weeks

The POTUS isn't discrediting any ethnicity, only defaming himself. Although i might have my share of doubts of "them", if he persists.