22 January 2011

A Poem for the Blind 11

Fallen by sky glass torn at the seams
Blood made of the ash river of dreams
Sleeping in sickness hanging in cells
Prey for a witness all of the hells

Candles of flowers wait in the wings
Heaven and power song of the strings
Listen to reason speak of its pain
Burn in the season naught any rain

Cult of the rising sleep of the flax
Sin demonizing life with an axe
Sate hellish blood-lust drink of the sign
Letting from the flood sleep for the time

Fire from the ashes tears from the sky
Death to the quarry kill for the lie
Blood bade onto wounds weakened disease
Sorrow for dreams we've lost in the trees

Echoing rapture seizure of  bliss
Minds of the selfish judge with a kiss
Empires carried through broken eye
Chasing the wind of the lost firefly