24 November 2010


Fate must be the attempt for ultimate freedom in sound mind, solemn body and established means. A less intrusive governing limited to protection from coercion and violence, when embracing individual responsibility opposes limited conditions or petty differences to propose private charity of established wealth in toleration of diverse lifestyles, including equally equitable industrialists and defenders of the unanimous civil liberties of the entirety of society. A belief in government action to achieve equal opportunity and equality for all is the duty of every leader between all aspects, from on high to the masses of the lower orders. To alleviate social ills and protect liberty in and of individual and human rights, whereas the role of the government shall be to guarantee order to chaos in plenty to needy, with constituency over boundless justice, for all to reprise the corrupt that are adept to apt government control. Common law is life where freedom is the luck of prosperity, where danger and opportune judgment combine there must be a formidable and impenetrable reckoning, checks and balances to eliminate suffering, eradicate and bring fear to surviving criminals, and breathe life into the eternal.

Achievement of dominion will create a new order, but a minority in no way signifies an imbalance, each life is in the balance of the wings of angels and demons, solidarity leads to misdirection, let your course be straight and true and truly be yours, intellectually informed without laden burden. Special messengers with extraordinary insight, powers to see and receive eternal truths, and the ability to communicate complex concepts in ways acceptable to the masses, use this opportunity for personal responsibility, limited empire, free markets inbound of law, values and morals within the construct of time to provide the freedom necessary to pursue victory. Empowerment of the individual is the last defense. Embrace freedom of choice in personal matters and logic eccentric, there is no fate but what we make but be considerate of the effects of your affects, significant government economics can exacerbate volatility and aggravate hysteria, hear the truth and take control. Subterfuge hides in agency and may advocate illegitimate expression to favor whimsicality in place of certainty, prove the environmental expression, promote equality of opportunity with favor and tolerate diverse lifestyles that reward success, failure is not an option.

Espousing a debate regarding government control of the economy and personal behavior depends of condition. Depending on the issue, government intervention supports individual freedom of choice, but pride in attention tend to oppose all arguments in extreme and emphasizes hypocrisy as an awry practical problem. Such issues of every choice is not plausible, all of not your concern or none left to compete, forever definite is the woman’s choice, a stream of indifference to the life less ordinary but tribulation begins at the breath of life and often sooner with rearing. The means of destruction of the high success candidates by those in uncertainty is of their own accord and protected, but not provided. Let the halls of the dead be monolithic and immense, and filled with echoes immaculate, will it come without perdition wherefore who will tarry for the coming of age, amnesty at conception or murder at conviction, wherein no child shall have illegitimate guardian. Or perhaps you wish to judge with prejudice, deprivation has limited potential inherent of accord, but rationing is wise of all that need not waste or create gluttons, but in foremost theory devoted sincerity, communication, and trust provides ample delegation were one to be racist and not xenophobic, exonerated aptitudes would rule at best their understanding. Using merit and assumed ability for admittance is what has brought society to this very moment, a natural selection has no assertion but factors solution and outcome, but pandering teaches nothing but incompetent practice and redundant rhetoric that has lost efficiency in the doldrum, compensation by means of alteration only isolates the radiant failure and compounds the leaderless and self-enlisted. No less than divine to favor sustainability by using the capabilities of democracy, frequently provincial our behaviors reflect our values, endorsing values in defense of structure thrives only in a society that affords them.

Warned and hopeful you still want imperialists and thunder, certainty and category without economics or individuality without freedom, finding impractical options of a distasteful rogue state that plots conspiracies with threatening tranquility reprise of enemies and questioning the royal command and granted civil liberties. The time to survive vows against the lifeless illusion, though it may be each vigilante hiding in the fog of sacred knowledge, the appropriate punishment is equal in its own reward, but never granted for retribution, fitting of the crime shall be no inquiry of concise levels of severity. Exceedingly clear should be the brimming profundity of boundless wickedness, vanity will not tread in darkness nor shall the law, neither can be remitted to subliminal definition.

Sight is sold and truths are told, without either is monopoly. The official quorum protects the customers, but this government must be of the people, the knowledge must be intricate and consummate. Private sectors of government tax the public, it is therefore their interest to see befit, but an adequate voice is required to regulate interests, competitive private enterprises create opportunity, but those who understand those conditions must set these standards. Productivity is growth where boundless capital exceeds the norms compelling the standards of life where there is only freedom, and taxes reciprocate in excess with endless possibilities and not a damaged imposition. Patience is a virtue and all good things come to those who wait. If unintelligent and unintelligible, zounds, find a book.

Then one day I became lost and wandering into the darkness that is totalitarianism, I realized nothing ever again and buried myself into the ground as a plant. Do not believe the communist lies of despots and fascists, globally we are unique and as I have heard ‘rebellion is the bastard of conformity’, it is a certain ambiguous fallacy with generalizations of diagnosis, aside from the belief systems of communists falling short as of time immemorial. Motivation and initiative to achieve personal accomplishment by studying, saving and succeeding, is what humanity deserves and freedom unites, no matter of the disposition the belief system will be the only common attribute of society. Communists share a brain with the others of their species in order to survive, an interdependency known as the welfare state, in exploit even in times of desperation. If the contradiction were not in capitalism, it is surely in education, with a strong dream and vigilant perseverance public schools could be a prized element in solidarity, yet standards in place of rewards and defiance in place of participation has clouded the people, neglect of participants has led to ambivalence of outcome, salvation, survival. Condemn all that do not improve performance in as much diversity as desires, competition is not to the benefit of the establishment, only its patrons, where we exceed expectations will be the admired refuge for those wishing to burden escape, by means of knowledge.

Blind thoughts of meticulous science, measuring the contrasts of pain and suffering could even scour among the risks for danger and opportunity, comprehensive for the youth and complicit for the wise. Cell research crosses moral lines into quandary in best regards, for it is illegal to administer anything that causes fatality in the name of science unless delivered to oneself. In cellular research, despite the cell’s potential existence is a donation by law, separate from body of origin to be of great importance. If the donation of life were objectionable, there would not be reproduction, and if the destruction of life taken were in error, vegetarians would be we all. Embryonic stem cell research does not lead to cultist consumption or zombie addiction, nor is sacrilegious in namesake, the ethics however implicitly deserving of debate do not negate the necessity. Funding is a matter of discussion, but in preliminary efforts should not receive open funding to avoid conflicting interests. Forsaking none, the potential to comprehend the healing ability has been within, its graces given by any or all are yet discovered, and when revealed may heretofore rid the wants and needs of every.

Where there is fire there is smoke, but more assuredly, there is fuel. Endless presumptuously not, exclusive perhaps, but common again nay, other sources must be explored, a plan of action is ever so required so that proactive account is made and discovery is part of the agenda, at very least our worries should be to undermine the market with another option, and not create deplorable inaction. Not diamonds from coal or blood from oil, we find them all beneath the soil, but on this wretched mortal coil, we tarry every day and toil, so why should there not be unlimited power sources created of wind and solar energy until the energy created is more than it takes to create additional power harnessing units. Anything and everything is of petroleum, from plastic to pharmaceuticals, and we simply burn it. There is a fear of those with firearms, a mindset that cannot allow what it needs to control and suspects a lack thereof, by those who have not the composure they demand of others and so they must not make rules by conjecture or schools of thought. Of course, militia may defend the empire, but as with anything so may those who would one day take their places in the busy fields of war and mercy, furnished with many a skill of family based origin, to complete the understanding of what they defend and infer what government overlooks in cases of hypocrisy. Anger is a power and can be lost easily, a weapon is violent but is made with a purpose, fear the mind of hatred that blights the eyes of others with no less than consternation.

A criminal looks like everyone else, expect no less apprehension by the other countries or unions than deserved in turn, latter innocence does not exist. The soul that cannot close the void of evil in their originations is incapable of such at settlement, in fact, it is invasion and colonization, an imperial distrust that aspires to impose rather than become a new nation and tell its elders to forget the nationalist malaise, and make babies not bombs with better genetic identity. Support the legal registered entrance of visitors, a visa perhaps at the very least, without amnesty on leave, there is no better than this democracy and it cannot sustain the traditions of the less than human cannibalism and sacrifices. There must never be remediated laws for illegal immigrants, crossing a border without patent is the crime, save the lives of the slaves. Eminent domain is the glory of eminence and the question of a public end, a martial state will only awaken the best of revolutionaries, or so much has in history’s endless doctrine, despite the lack of origin. Respect ownership and the rights of private property, seizure with compensation is more than adequate, depravity will be paid the due consequence, the hand of the law cannot sweep aside a private citizen and owned property at the pomp and circumstance of wealthy developers, no more than lost is peace of mind. Guests upon the planet are all, plant more trees than there are seas and give to the desert what it has provided, and in its full grow over the sacred land. Where the lower orders are many, the voice of reason is high above, in absence there is silence in the garden or the grave.