09 September 2010

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Look at the symbol of the Democratic party, red legs of the republic carrying the blue message of democracy. The president has said he's the voice of the people, but I never hear him listening to them, clandestine legislation, insult to the citizens, denigration of shared traits, insurmountable unproven statistics, scandal and lies and the redistribution of wealth, while they promote a 'communist-revolution' by promoting the same ideas that have destroyed entire civilizations to fail, including this society, five times since it was founded, and still swinging like "Casey at bat". Conservatives are better than liberal economists and relative politicians and officials circa. (To denounce the liberties made by our successes and renounce the last free country on the planet is Treason.) The President is wrong! Firstly, a super-majority in American congress, is not democracy. When one side loses it's ability to vote on issues with meaningful objection, all hope is gone. Secondly, and more to the point, when taxes are cut and spending is refined, personal wealth is gained and the overall economy becomes strong. Aside from this being obvious, as more people with personal wealth inside a growing economy are enjoying a profession, the national average of wages stagnates and people fatefully  cope with competition for the redemption of equal opportunity, as wages need to rise, the national average of salary raises simultaneously. (To be against progress is sedition.) I speak not of MINIMUM WAGE, but the quality of life, a uniform progress that is real, a community that helps one another, in order to retain a state of success. There are those that make obscene and obtuse amounts of money, and there are those that make minimum wage. For those in the latter, minimum wage is what is paid to keep them from killing the management. If everyone were on a minimum wage, then there is nothing to keep or stop them from ravaging everything, no standards, no limits, no goals, bathed both in idiocy and ignorance, subverted to subjugation addicted to state assistance as the coffer depletes. When I was young I never new what the American Dream was, because of this administration and adjoined cult of personality, I'll never know.