14 September 2010

The Warming of Global Debates

Hot as fuck; in some places. Record highs often mentioned and neglected reports of record colds. A year or two ago on the lake it was fifty below zero for almost a week, (somewhere in Indiana 10 miles from Lake Michigan), my truck wouldn't stay running at stop signs, red-lights, and in any parking spot without laying-in-to the gas pedal and jumping between Neutral and Drive. My intrigue is lost on several facts missing. I understand reality to some extent, warm is warmer, cold is colder, but a raise in global temperatures of 1 maybe 2 degrees in the past century (100 years), is confounding. In every experiment, there is a control group, do you have another Earth just sitting in your back pocket? In rhetoric I jest, but what is the basis of this observation, record highs sway 100 degrees from record lows in places of high desert, is it an average temperature observation or of the magnetic pole, where temperatures vary as well? Does the global warming alarmist equation consider the amount of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) in the atmosphere produced by respiration, the human population alone has tripled from approximately 2 billion people to approximately 6 billion people in the past century, (and maybe 15b by the next century) and people produce...yes, wait for it...carbon dioxide. I don't know if freelance scientists know this, but during reproduction, there is a-lot of hot and heavy breathing also.  More so a problem in my opinion is the pollution, because, “You've got to ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do ya punk?”. Trees create our oxygen, by consuming CO2, sunlight and water, this carbon dioxide rise will be food of the vegetation. In paleontology it has been discovered that there was a period in Earth's history when the oxygen levels were scarce and CO2 levels were predominant. The result, vegetation growth that created a cornucopia, which included the first lifeforms on (y)our/the planet, full of excess oxygen in levels so high that lightning started fires that seemed like heaven burning. When not in any danger of volatile oxygen levels, anything that breathed evolved to a larger size to capitalize on the immense oxygen levels. Don't cry because I wrote capitalize, you can still be a communist, just as long as you do your part. Plant a tree, don't pave over it, and have a nice day.

Dark matter is a mushroom.