05 September 2010

Nationalist Persuasion - Allegiance

Nationalist Allegiance - Persuasion

Rational boundaries and measured advantages make Socialism acceptable, otherwise its elitism. That is why I like being conservative, it is not an agency and more than independent. There is more than one way to do anything, that's how I know I'm not always correct, but I can't remember a time when I wasn't, unless I was guessing and that was in a learning environment, no wrong error of my behalf was going to cause grief with another. 'Uncle Sam' is paying 10% unemployment to people, but it is 20% in the real world, long after all of those stimulus checks have gone. High school graduates, 50% losing their jobs for summer love, college or both to Illegal Migrants and the previous generation all of which are abandoned by our sectarians and partisan politics.

Markets are ailing because the bailout plan did not have enough focus on community reinvestment, what a way to think 'outside of the box'. In actuality they didn't, it was just another subterfuge and ploy to bolster their support for justice when and where there is no crime and to move power to the federal government fill of philosophers and not pragmatists, as they begin warning if no one regulates corporate society, all is lost and urging to do so as if an emergency. All to save a welfare state that has long since lost its gratitude - exploiting taxpayers and monetizing debt to undermine a prosperity boon, -- which failed in each of the following.

Theodore Roosevelt's - New Nationalism [FAIL]
Woodrow Wilson's - New Freedom [FAIL]
Franklin D. Roosevelt's - New Deal [FAIL]
John F. Kennedy's - New Frontier [FAIL]
Lyndon Johnson's - Great Society [FAIL]

...And now...,

Barack H. Obama's - highly commercialized "Change We Can Believe In" (end of sentence preposition). The Community Reinvestment Act that took all of two seconds for bureaucrats to vote with the party and never read, to let lobbyists write, not moving off their fat politician asses and doing nothing. An increase to the government sector, in full negation of the term community and lose a portion of the money in transit, before prioritization of funds in full degradation circle of the tax system as it funds lifeless and shiftless political-daydreamer ambitions. Lastly but not least, print the money that does not exist, diminishing the value of each dollar with each dollar printed before it ever leaves the funny-money press. [FAIL]

Do you notice the pattern? Each promises a shiny name for the people and something to escape the horrid past left-wing thinking gets citizens, and something they want and need since the "professional left" has cleaved the good from the country. The damages prevent funds from raised taxes taken in luxury times as well as the ability to donate. The money saved could have been printed and passed as a citizen subsidy, contributing less waste as the revenue of the taxable quotient rather than the trifling choices of a bureaucrat.

If one can earn in the land of the free, before giving to Socialism, the welfare recipient is more likely to aspire, to work, and have a greater environment to learn participation - the liberal philosophy fails in missing an elementary component, a vital piece to the puzzle. The belief arises that individual freedom, liberty, can only exist under the protection of properly democratically elected government that has an active role in society and the economy, but it never comes forth. This role is inevitably challenging at best, and like forgetful adolescents they want no role or abandon their interests at crucial times, failing to have any relevant connection, lightly put, no active role. They do so without any hindsight, welcoming new ideas unless inexplicable, which is more often than not, and fear the simple things in life. Always in crisis only to become what they hate, when cornered for a solution they want to monetize the debt, call for more regulation at preposterous costs and are not to be trusted.

Except to Left Wing fascists and Right Wing conspiracy theorists who have lost their audience, liberal attitudes are fine, cool in fact, and most people enjoy the casual setting in the comfort of laissez-faire and nonchalance, but through time immemorial, liberal policies have no proper place in economics.

I have noticed the left hating communism at times, but they love sticking it to the little people, or how they hate corrupt business yet let the trade commission run the standards of the national economic situation, let lobbyists bribe our country’s lawmakers, as long as it remains a crime to bribe the jurisprudent. It is very important to know the ulterior motives of politicians, keep in mind at every call for transparency a liberal fiasco arises.

These liberal politics and its practitioners seem to want more equality without understanding the word. They ascribe to an egalitarian ideology yet they want the less inclined to bathe in the light of the overworked. The ethicalities are disingenuous at best, but the law of time has given democracy to a world of free citizens, it only becomes a tragedy to dignities and self-respects when tyrants become hypocrites. This sense of entitlement imbued will distort the development of the deprived, with privileges that countermand motivation and responsibility, in addition to, resentment and prejudice.

As ethical society rejects this poor behavior and as they return the favor they reflect these negative aspects until society ill foments. The burden becomes unbalanced and supplants economics with a welfare state. Most revisionist sociopaths hate labels, come standard with an inferiority complex, pathological lying, and believe communism to be their true calling. Class warfare never works, but a generation’s entitlement comes undone and they lash out at the next, education is and has suffered funding to the lowest per capita financing to date. As things like SSI go bankrupt only to be balanced by irresponsibility and debt is burdened upon the children of tomorrow, to pay for what will surely become insolvent once more before the votive responsibility passes unto the next.

Absurd how so many sleep through tragedy and immorality cuts to the bone, while those of us in the wit have been screaming the woes of our time ad nauseam. Somehow, these liberals, democrats, leftists, whichever it may be that you label them, feel guiltless as they wage war on the next generation, while liberty sows to waste by caustic ephemerals who have felt no sorrow or woe in millionaire houses, immune to what they are behind the facade that is bureaucracy and neatly nesting in government title. Never before has the graduating class had such high unemployment, their dreams scorn to ash before ever formed, as living dream turns to hate for those that would abandon them.

Endlessly no end in sight, no leader among the listless, no evolution without nature, a dwindling society nurturing beyond compassion in tragedy, all due to a liberal with an inferiority complex who couldn’t be told otherwise, in foreign land.