21 August 2010

Beatnik Too

a ship that never sails from there to here, only here to there
paper  or plastic is the only thing i remember
moon babies cant see the sun only the light near the edge of darkness
a time to see the forbidden truth about the pillars of society
paper lies and fire flies that scorn and heal the doom
cups of blood and tarnished mud that will not wash
they take every finders fee for mandated rations
want to call the protectorate enemy action
to learn to love the lies, too soon to see their eyes
know the name to stay the same and fight in the night
if destruction of our time the party wait only second in line
we've waited for your head while you paint the roses red
had worthless cash with summer hash
enough is enough, the time is now, there can only be one
and their time be yet of less haste and circumstance in better favor
all  signs be had of tireless decay
they want to take your will away
want is the first of the next order
is the freedom at the borders
to sever only broken truths the lies accept
abuse of what they soon neglect
they worship only tides and wares
only sin can take their souls as fares
want litany of endless vengeance in prosperous rage
what comes the lurk of night and day
they walk on ice and in the shade
can reflections wake the children in the early years
use truth against your wasted peers
they drink and gorge on fasted youth
want with sovereignty the weapon that they cry
to blasphemy the wanton false voice
see the heat for the light in your eyes
inside the darkest star the cage of inside
the endless fear of serpentine
fire be the masses if the lies unwind inside the mind
the party can be overrun by bleeders in the ages
voices only players on stages
it could tear the time in two
is ocean of the deepest blue
a single grain of sand to tell the time
liar of the clock will help you hold the light
the plight of mercy is not the darkest night
government can sunder the foundry fold
won't  any one take light of what is to behold
compromise legacy endearing traits
they want to make the leadership stand by
only oddly lucky in the certain howl can make dissolute
want the new to find the old
who may seek the figure is the last of the first
needs are met with circumstance
their host become the high seat
lies transcend the cover of the user's manual.