16 July 2010

Merlin - 28 The Subtle Arts of Murder and Persuasion

Merlin - 28 The Subtle Arts of Murder and Persuasion

Tenacious of hieing cecity confusion and concern in thought, as brightness consumes, to blast at rupture the diamond does. Merlin kneels on knee, holding his fingers of one hand to the ground and the other hand to rudder the blast with fingers extended. No longer attempting to heal vampires by ways of manipulate dreams he is bathed in an inviting cloak of invisibility, he pulls like a sail in a gale, transparent in flames, but the force of the explosion passes through him, Merlin will have revenge and rises to stand and deliver. Ana having blanket incineration holds a power of fire shield, like a flame back draft in a tornado's dying ebb and flow, with a strange semblance of darkness and smoke assuredly from the trace signs of ash in air fall. Troy is virtually unharmed, a dying heat could not lash him in desperation, though his clothes were a bit worse for wear, the edges of his cuffs and collars singed and burnt tassel and threaded drawstring, holding tightly to the phoenix's neck slowly raising his head to look into the smoke. Nickolas is no worse for wear, early to dead, early to rise, sluggishly to his feet with only movements of a mystified mind.

In anarchy stands the chimera, the sense of death giving the demon strength of will to cause terror with manic strengths. Merlin swifts to him with amalgamate rage to swiftly heed the doom, a worthy adversary standing in conventional disdain obstructionist and estimable. With authority a dagger thrown into the breastplate, and Ana forcing a dagger into the neck of the creature, tossed is she listlessly by unobstructed throw of the demon's arm. In the shallow void where the moon has staked a claim to nocturnal road the monstrous creature pulls the dagger from its chest, the monster crushes a rune stone in his hand and immediately with magical dealings aforethought as then the wounds absorb the healing power of the moonlight and the mist.

To scathe and murder the demon walks the spaces between footsteps with heavy march, as Ana staggeringly rises to her feet the demon runs to and grabs her, puts his foot to her stomach and kicks her a great distance from him. Troy sends a flighty arrow to the thing but it is deflected afore long gauntlet, though Merlin urged him not to battle at all. After a second arrow launches the demon moves toward Troy and the phoenix wants none of the affair and flees with an unrepentant escape, flying across the surface like a stone skipping over the water, with Troy aback deliberate in returning stare and holding tightly, in fear it cannot escape fast enough. Nickolas has seen all and is very disturbed, another way to die is what he seeks as a dagger strikes the creature in the face and swordplay begins. The embodied many evils of nightmarish darkness groan from the creature with intrigue and as they begin their sword-to-sword combat it laughs at Nickolas.

Destruction unfolds and takes toll on fortune, with hope of their all of survival Merlin looks to Ana who agrees with him as she points to the now charging demon. Merlin draws a blade of truth, a shining silver sword with golden grip and hilt, cloud connected they three, fight together as a team. Merlin's sword burns within the draw of his own anger, the blade burns hot and sears, and scrapes with white-hot light against the black armor, at first scathe the demon draws his broken edge sword, Merlin pushed back, Nickolas thrown. A resolute stance of defiance, always teetering on the brink, of consequence a whisper to the dark as begins a fight against the shadow.

Ana picks one of Nickolas' daggers from the ground and throws it to the demon fighting her ethereal brethren, which stakes the creature between the shoulders. The demon deacon swings its blade above and behind itself to swing at both Merlin and Nickolas, causing the blade in its back to come loose, but the action gives Ana a satisfying absolution. A kick to Nickolas at shoulder, nearly thrown he turns and slides, the heels of his feet dragging in the dirt he collides with Ana. As he does so she takes daggers from his bandoleer, of what remains from his stock of stick and move tactics. She heats the dagger with magic eternal flame and throws it into the back of the demon. It laments pain terrorizing and continual battle, with all opposition.

Understanding that the battle lengthened might prove fatal to her allies, Ana summons the raining hell, a meteor fireball falls from the sky a mortar of pestilence tearing through the atmosphere with fire from the inside of her eyes. Tired of laughter, with striking cannonade the asteroid falls to the earth next to the haunting creature, the trappings of the wretched beast upset as it is thrown, torn from the earth with furious anger, scattering earth and like debris. Its pouch of magic with open drawstring waits just beyond reach, spilled runes aside vengeful fallen demon reaching for the precious stones. Merlin strikes down and severs the demons defenseless hand. Nickolas breaths rapidly with eyes vacant, the demon reaches to Merlin, its hand begins to glow.

Chimera: "It cannot end as thus!"

Dying emotions and desperation as Nickolas spins his sword at wrist to sweeping pare the other appendage but an arrow pierces in the palm and the black fire mist pours in liquid light over the hand and begins to burn the crimson skin. Hemorrhage of mind and spirit the Chimera Demon rests upon the lane in the failing light. Ana reaches to the arrow as if to pull it, but she heats the arrow cauterization to torment the animal.

Merlin: "Stop Ana. …Nickolas."

With artisan skill Nickolas spins his sword in hand, takes the handle with both hands, the blade pointed downward held high above his head, pinnacle before deathblow the distant groundlings speak.

Blond: "NO, Wait..."

Understanding what is to come, they three leave be. Slowly dying anew they pull and crawl on their fronts, clambering with unsheathed daggers, tearing through the dirt with their sharp edges, like drawn teeth to the dying demon, with thirst in their mind, two impolitic fiends longing for the dying blood of rage.