22 July 2010

Merlin 2 - 2 Fledgling

Merlin 2 - 2 Fledgling

To tell this story we must first remember the past and the attrition of many storms by dark and dreamless nights, bleeding vampires vengeful with bloody stomach full and slowly thirsting anew wait in the antique castle acquired by the lemniscates, the very scene of the betrayal in the house of vampire. Sold the princess was to another monarch, as she was no longer princes after two kingdoms had become one. At such that very evening, the king had brought a stolen pack of adolescent humans of caste peasantry, for them to feast or blood let, or at a later night turn into their kind, in a cage waiting restless, all but one. It is now we remember the one, the boy sitting in the back of the cage waiting for the opportunity to escape the ruthlessly skilled undying.

Hysteria graces the minds of the captive children as the events unfold, now as much as any other time as the boy in wait witnesses the pasture movements and patterns of the rights of passage portrayed by the Queen and as the Princess danced with her lover only separated to be by the very wrongs of the draw. He watches every motion hearing nothing in silence as the events unfold, anger consumes and addiction chance he only receives the sounds of the storm and the broken glass as one of them, the princes, leapt from the window, save a power struggle. Lightning and thunder strike simultaneously, but as with the same forces of nature his attention drawn to a very thin vampire standing in the shadows behind the cage who drops a knife to the edge of his still existence where they measure the tide between ides and miseries.

Anxiety from the cage's bloodstains inadequately covered by darnel and cockle, and the walls closing around him, without time for haste he grabs and hides the weapon given to him by a creature only seen of him once in the flashing light dimly within the shadows, now part of the crowd of vampires never to acknowledge him anew. As he waits, haunted by the possibility of being a meal of the many, with the duress of insufferable anguish waiting for him he plans his escape, they ordered several of the less than skilled guards to follow the princess as she fled. It was not long before they continued their gala in her stead, for it was also a celebration of the joining of two houses of vampire, two covens becoming one.

The butcher returns and opens the door, the boy stabs him in the throat beneath the jaw and drags him down to his level taking the butcher's hook for an added weapon, the other children hold the slaughterer and the boy walks over him. It is only moments before the room is quiet and far from fallen, staring at the boy of stark raving anger. From the table of the war council, the Prince of the vampires sends errand the smallest of them from the table to dispatch the small human boy, a spear thrown from a boy that seems near his age slices the outer muscles of the young boy’s arm and lodges into the reeds of the cell. Where the others still clamor in fear from the silence in the hall and the severity of the quick blade, a most palpable lance giving maim and not piercing to tear from being attached to the cage. The youngling stands free and looks at his arm then to the seemingly young and blond boy whom had thrown it.

The boy in peasant clothes and the young warrior clad in armor and other types of hard clothing face each other, with only a few blows blocked and traded the boy slashes many times defeating his vampire foe with a slice to the throat and a stabbing to the illicit lifeless heart on the ground. The spectators had let them fight against another to watch, but now they would transform him or worse, with the decreed motion of the queen the guards at the door rush to him, as do the others at the table and with so as much the rest. The boy is quick and runs on walls as he evades them into room after room looking for an exit, wandering listlessly through the grandiose castle, when cornered he jumps and spins turning like the wind cutting throats and stabbing whichever vest or corset applicable, if so they do catch him he slices throat. From this, they do not simply die for they are already dead, but it gives him time to flee once more as they stop to heal and catch breath and drowning in their own blood for the time withstanding. He runs until he is cornered, he fully kills one of the vampires by stabbing it in the heart, angering the others almost crawling over their own toward him, but he jumps out of the window and slides down the muddy hillside. As they near the window the king commands they stop, they stare while the king gives words of wisdom soon heard to be risible with the mockery and humiliation of the failings of their efforts. In conclusion, they come to agreement that the child in humane semblance would be a much more welcome addition as an adult, per say of the king’s telling, as the child runs through the forest and the storm of the skies from the fight of his life.