07 June 2010

Night Terrors: 2 - Bolt Thrower

Night Terrors: 2 - Bolt Thrower

The loner, surrounded by the bustling city night, deranged armies of drones and black tie affairs, a new obsession of the old gaze, the streets filled with youth in common garb as the vents fume with heat from the bathhouses, walks to the march of the sounds that signs make. His bounty deserved would be in the bank, to be accounted transferred and appended to his holdings. Somewhere in the back of his mind an invisible presence, insidious voices taunting and teasing, he moves before they reach for him. Through the walk he paces, ripping apart their dark forms at a glance, they instantaneously look ragged, volatile and armored to the teeth. The concourse vigilante makes a belated entrance.

"Don't move!" shouts one of them.

"I just came in to see I can…,” he said, taking the nearest enemy's shoulder weapon and dispersing a round cephalic, the enemies open fire, giving spray and shell in a rain of victimization. Their leader, a demon dark around the edges, with an air pressured bolt thrower modified from yore and two bandoliers filled with pistols, three to a belt.

"You can what!" shouted their leader in full force.

"Kill," he said in a whisper as he takes two pistols and fires into the villains back, spraying poison shale of the earth the creature was spawned and bound, just as the shells are falling he takes another two guns and shoots anything still standing.