18 April 2010

My Shadow

Trapped behind the eyes, on the other side of nothingness, convinced that fuel is the light. I must consume all with a soulless hunger, driven by the urge to shine, held by the darkest of night. Tear the earth from the soil and make the energy my own, beneath the cold and all of the wars, within the deepest sounds there is darkness. Informed and fully aware of reprehensible collateral, will set forth if not to train. Lament the tides of anger and cold wrath but before finish hope to include the nothingness, nihilist empty words of incomplete divinity, boring textile emotions for which there is only a simple I, were the dawn. If I were a past, than complacent were of this ambivalent trade, for the apathy grows with the droves below the sundry lane. If the light shines on hate filled hearts, than the precipice islands where the sun, burns at the life, will draw in the spider at full moon’s sweet and somber song.