26 March 2010

RAF - Supplemental

If you meet the fascist liberal pigs and they have an idea and you cant escape, tell them you can hear them, most likely your support will make them lose interest. If you hear the absurd and crude ideas of the hawkish left, walk away and say nothing, let them have their day in the sun, when they come home they will be red for all to see. walk away for they like to be in control, seeking the ends by whatever means, relinquish their power struggle for they have blame and no solution, when they blame you, you become a mocked distraction to the real issues needed to be seen by the voter, and your credibility tarnished. treat them like the children that they are or have become, for it is said that you cannot beat a dead horse, so you cannot beat a dead stubborn mule, leave it lay, carve your quarry, and let it rot and smell for all that witness to notice.

this recent health adaption is somewhat a quandary in its own right, so i must clarify for the test of time the certainty of this debate. currently, more than 30 million will receive coverage and more than that are unemployed, guaranteeing them their coverage will assure that mostly people attain health attention. if they were to work, employers might not offer an insurance program, and who among us needs health-care if you work at fast food joint without intent for higher education?

there are two dilemmas despite the blathering pontification of the old aristocratic pontification of partisan nonsense. one, it is a moral dilemma to push the existing elders off the bus and under it as medicare funding becomes cut, to decide who receives the health-care subsidy, there will be death panels that the sick person will never meet. secondly there is no funding for anything, the plan intends to save 1.5 trillion in 20 years, but that much is lost every year in our current collapse at a yearly expanding rate. social security checks used to buy insurance, are running out this very year and the progressive fucks who like change for the sake of change, keep dancing like it's raining money.

The money used to save houses worked at 20% efficiency, intended for 4 million homes and fell far short. bank bailouts to save the lenders to those homes, were necessarily made for a problem the government itself created. even if you paid for those people to not work at all, that money would still have to come from somewhere, and the truth is that at times like these it is better to serve your country than to serve the weak. The plans of the dictators in Washington can only be stopped by the ways that others before them have been, as every step the liberal fascists take, moves us farther from removing a generations sense of entitlement.

The heroes who save you are supposed to set you free. 10 million dollars in 12 months with this administration. They'll start selling your kids soon, they're already spending your future. My country has fallen to the nationalist shadow.