19 March 2010

few that journey

I only ever hear the demons complain about the others and the names used by whatever active group they can remember that they use to describe hasty overcompensation. They wouldn't dare call anything because this is an attribute of judgmental behavior and they would seem trite or be chided. They fear being wrong so they steal like spoiled children, helping others to what is not theirs and helping themselves to entitlement. They are the same consumer fascists that they outwardly oppose as they forthrightly become the liberal swine they despise. They owe money, and temporarily satisfy, time immemorial, their servants with solutions to pay the principle interest and not the principle, without any solution to stop the money from flying out of the window. They are the least of the loquacious and pithy, for they are the most pretentious arrogant auto-self-aggrandizing megalomaniac curs. For liberty and independence are often relative, yet the deviant are stern advocates of the guillotine and unseen subterfuge. We are guided by divine wisdom in every thought, word and action, so i guess the subversive will be subverted, due to the compounding misinformation.