04 February 2010

obloquy calumny

There is many a time you turn on the television for the purposes to entertain. Several of which is the opportunity to be entertained by public media. Like the many pontificators of our time, we are blessed with those that report criteria according to their constituents. There are those that cannot afford themselves the time to see the news as it happens or those that do not get enough of up-to-date information on the news breaks between their favorite radio station’s music programming.

I believe the expression is ‘take everything with a grain of salt’. The meaning I can imply to mean that not everything is simple and fair. Today’s news is full of live local late breaking flash news team coverage of things like puppies and current trends in the stock markets. Much ado about distraction, I can attest to such as fact but not with much more than sounding crazy. However, logically the information formulated as entertainment is much more dominant in society now, than it has ever been.

Relevance is lost to politics, the study of the people. Dominance is taken by the loudest and most obnoxious, the worshiping of the neophytes. Everywhere we look there is advertising and policy, taxes and unrest and freedom before justice, and all while we get to look at the happy go lucky distraction of the 15 minutes of shame. Two party systems distracting from the utmost patriotism, as the partisan conflict distract us from change.

In the media, the fanfare receives its opening motions, when a natural disaster hits the impoverished countries, the ‘chosen ones’ are the first to make comment, never having taken notice to anything prior. The irony being that the poverty is rampant in their homes. In the outlands the high school football team is cherished and the community a pillar for nationalist morals. In the cities, the populist political bureaucratic mood, however it comes, whenever it wishes, takes to the limelight because standing in the community falls, if there is no rhetorical politics of and for the masses.

Many call the 24/7 news cycle a necessary evil. For those that thrive on mass media, living vicariously on the news, news anchors give emotion to the otherwise dolts of this world and meaning to those who live by what the news instills, information.