17 December 2009

Tormenta Nostra

One global voice to all, assumes power of the markets of the world. The founding members of a life for a dragon, they meet in a dark drink, unfrequented by wealth. In a city of gold, only these common, sit at this gathering soon to be a rebellion. Global alliance distributors of the product, become sole couriers of the realm. For the only king left, behind closed doors talks, divided into four the distribution.

Rebellion begins siege, on supply routes of kind, to feed their own and more display. The network feels threatened, and hunts the rebellion, with zeal and darkness. Communication shines, universalism, of one world order makes speech the issue with a swift and dark move. For a global language, communications universalized with the global language legislation act. With every word, they say, the simple things seen, and set on fire by light.

The leader of freedom establishes allies and double agents. They dry across the board in the distribution data transmission centers. Communication allies begin joining the rebellion. Allowing the passage of communications partially resume. Unrestricted and surveyed as the next planet opens to an existing aristocracy.

Globalist universal soldiers instituted as a final solution. They war with domestic and intergalactic terror the rebellion hunted. New leadership emerges and takes control of global communications. A new and old family, the once freedom fighters take power over willing societies. Robotic means allow organ farms by way of cloning, based on a clone’s short lifespan.

Three separate rebellions form in the broadcast of silence. The survivors of the clone project escape a feared farm. The human resistance grows of infamy and hunger. Underworlds with weak alliances, battle against the preservation council. The bloodthirsty song claims divine right.

A duke of terror decrees the planet a monarchy. The android guard materialized for pomp and circumstance. The council is a royal governance of less than a million members. The commonwealth is overpopulating the planet. Evil overlords and each district of martial law battle countless resistances.

Rampant are those who eat the flesh turning the moralities. A second class of humanity evolves with rarities and abilities. The population consists of three faces looking into a book or the dark. Humanity, evolutionism, and sub-race monsters exist. The latter working as henchmen of the imperial guard of symbols crashes the gates of eternity.

A plague designed to eliminate the 'creatures of oddity'. Rapture eliminates most of their population, leaving the remainders affected. Moon shot causes their adverse mutation and advances them.Thralls become a larger creature under attempted domestication. Mars severs affiliation with earth.

A red war and annulment of alliances happens with the people of planet earth. A second plague develops on mars under the assumption of its refinement. Death’s delivery spreads to earth and becomes an addictive substance to nearly half of the evolutionary. Three castes breathe, including the royalty, which has changed family many times. The races each look like war-children, thrice the size of anon domino.

A muscular warrior race, of dominance and aggression writhes without a soul. With the hearts of the remaining humanity, a separation of knowledge better sits. The evolutionists overthrow the monarchy. Anew begin to call of themselves the overlords. A man without a name achieves dimensional travel, during attempts to flee.

Boundless creations made without memory of his childhood. He modifies a vessel to travel the dimensional shift and back. In turn learning the secret to time travel, space becomes a battlefield. He becomes the first and only person to escape the human empire. Earth 'resets' to its pre-electronic conditions of centuries earlier.

Martian time lines adjust to colonization 50 years prior and its population halved. Its first colony named after the drug, not yet invented. Earth is an early age planet of monsters, wizards and scared humans. Large reptiles begin to control the food chain by dominance. Signals from earth and mars before the temporal realignment soar into stratum.

Broadcast signals have made it to a star system in the center of the galaxy. A planet fallen to the same ills as earth's priors, begins to prepare for an invasion of earth. The distant system’s population colonizes a highly populated, nonindustrial earth invaded. Earth’s population under attack by the same creatures earths previous fated future. Earth invaded by the distant terror, cries for the halo.

Its moon destroyed and used for the formation of a new landmass on earth. The planet is desperate and dying, the remaining turned to slaves. The planet is open to colonization, and vacationing to alien species. The elite transferred for political reasons and allowed to live in peace on mars. The son of the ruler of mars organizes the destruction of a ship over earth.

After the vessels crash, the planet ruined for centuries. The perpetrator goes unaccredited and unaltered among magic fire. The Martian industrial revolution claims life for its own army. Martian atmospheric climate catastrophe causes evacuation of the planet mars. At first availability, Martians settle areas of earth, in Polar Regions.

After the air clears, earth has only the earliest of mammals. The deathly monsters alongside the evolved many that have burrowed thrive alive along sublimated. In desperation, they delve into the earth to survive what they have called the cataclysm. Martian settlers called Vikings, colonize the polar regions of earth. They exist as two families, the Vanir and the Aesir.

The evolved discover the Vikings and form an alliance they call the heritage. Among powerful psychics from families of a remaining earth of its last age, survive the evolutionary around a kindled flame. Welcoming war and Martians of the Vanir battle with the Aesir led by Odin. A hunter of the third tribe, who leads only humans to battle the Vanir, takes many wounds that would paralyze the seers. Odin defeats them all and unites the survivors under the house of Aesir.

Mars is in total political, economic and terrestrial collapse. Among complete anarchy, in a last attempt to survive the test of time preservation measures met with inception. Martian scientists send modified engineered mammals to live among the animals of earth. On its newly uncovered equatorial paradise, flourish a primordial fauna. The Martian atmosphere becomes volatile.

After the Aesir wins the Viking civil war, for reasons of clarity. The heritage receives titles such as witches and warlocks. Deemed they are the cause of the monsters on earth. Those with dark abilities are hunted or hiding as outcasts or among the Vikings. Mammals discover the creation of fire and simple tools as the planetary birth of the omnivore.

Viking colonization and industrialization begins. Combinations of nominations of societies become highly religious. Mixtures of monarchism and diocese religions begin crusades on the simple 'new humans'. The new humans keep historical records. Along with a rebirth of art and culture, a rebirth recorded as always the deed done.

Here begins the metallurgical era through wars and slavery. The first world empire of a second known era in its current recorded history falls prey to three laws. Created and reclaimed by others repeatedly. The queen of the empire, a descendant of a witch, brings reign with an invisible knife. Mistaken time murders the king and by means of public display.

Shows her powers and receives an overwhelming praise. Her so-called divine intervention her children become the 13 gods of earth. The first successful empire begins attempts at recorded history. To become a unanimous system of time over the next twenty-four in four parts time. The Viking expansion begins its own-recorded history due to an unexplained anomalous intervention.

A technological revolution begins of the three children of the first time traveler. They visit the planet and the third child accidentally leaves foreign technology. Artificial intelligence has a civil war in the cyberverse. Man and machine begin a war, positively instigated by the machines attacks. In the past and the present, one by each of the two sides of the machines.

The machines implement a proper navigation of time travel. Their rigid logistics programs cannot define multiple dimensions. Peace comes overnight when the first android created. However, most of the humanity is overcautious of a new peace. Without the order to exterminate life, the majority of machines leave.

Intent on their own colonization machine vacation flees to become the ghosts of mars. Lord Android deemed the ruler of a new society of clocks and witches rules with an iron fist. He is the law of the founding lunar colony young and without successor. Cyberneticists on the planet begin to fall without explanation as if by divination. They exceed capacity and become pure energy used in the cosmos.

Some entering the electrical network become the ghosts in the machine. Caretakers of the life of the planet, watch in ambivalence and intrigue. The remaining robots not within communication, severed from executioner orders. To their ascended brethren accuse humanity, and several members of life.Dependent on the services of the machines declare a conspiracy. The machines converted, in an underground movement of humans and machines to androids.

The monstrous colonists of the other solar system return in a second wave. In a matter of days, they fall by the mechanicals. The defeat of the second star system led to a subterranean enslavement to their forces. Where their bodies once grew freely, now a utilized power source and a corruption of control ensue. This system leads to human abduction and induction to this system for their purpose.

The colonization of deep space by the machines known as forsaken takes aim on eternity. The mechanical maniacal crawling and conquering droid, are crawling through silent and frozen space. The network sends agents into the living world to cause feet to march. They begin their attempts to balance nature and unbalance their future. The society burns into the future in total abject confusion with momentum of obsolete measurement as they advance their lives.

The assimilation discovers time travel without the precision of a mechanical mind. They erase their own history, only to signal colonists of the second solar system with life. The sun becomes a red giant as the core of the planet dies. Only the polar population survives, by means of wind power, battery technology, hydrogen gas. Deep inside the planet, pale snowstorm colonist, living in a subterranean utopia.

The planet and its life pushed and punished out of orbit by the suns expansion. Left a planetary drift until the planet collides with another planet or star. The world searches a new orbit around a new star, at the proper distance. A new civilization now adrift in a planet sized asteroid city vessel. With some contact with mars as it drifts its own direction.