23 November 2009

The Trade

We never see the cause for revolt. Outside of the few with intelligence and wisdom, few are ever strategical for the many. Taking pride and patience in a design like a child, a proper action requires time in most instances. Sin, for the most part, allows us little dignity and infects the modern politic. This type of viral existence produces only failure and fatigue and is necessary because it never applies or occurs to them. Compassionate species hold logic among their endearments, when they wake. Our sympathies follow only understanding and action, even if not for another, for our fantasies and a world that only can afford us to live them.

It's oft not profitable for rulers to allow independent thought, some would call this wasted efforts of irrelevance. The voices of the awakening beware the future, it is coming for you with endless scorns and feign of heart followers who achieve happiness by denying the truth. Rhetoric pollutes any first attempt at debate and appreciates nothing more than the power, and the worship of intelligence or character without providing opportunity.

Creature comforts become unacceptable for the intelligent among us, as they will correctly perceive the onset of complacency, in themselves and others. It is not possible to predict exactly, but the margin of error here is within instabilities of the outcomes of a near future and not a future event. One might find the following report contentious if not pure bias. The true events of the observer are made from their position in time. Analyze your own opinion and experience history in its moment of current reality, and spot the subtle changes.